God card metaphor Selina Zhang Chengzhong has no malice yuria

"God card" metaphor Selina? Zhang Chengzhong: ah, no harm in Selina (map) Zhang Chengzhong social website screenshot Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, micro-blog artist Selina[[micro-blog]] her ex husband Zhang Chengzhong (a) 12 issued a document on the mentioned interaction after the divorce and S.H.E fans, he suspected metaphor Selina is "brave from God card", and their just a man, but a divorce is outside the main reason, angered many S.H.E fans, 13 noon, he explained the cause of delete, and pro FireWire "God card" three characters not malicious, "like" personality "and" trump card "". Yesterday triggered a storm, O in this noon opening explained: "the reason is not afraid of yesterday delete text criticism, there is only one reason, simply to protect the fans", and said he is still willing to help fans legal issues, inadvertently caused other problems, I think he did not explain the metaphor of "Selina God card" 2 hours after the intention, he again explained that he is not negligence, intentional irony ex-wife. Said: "O God card three words is my negligence, no harm. My intention is to hurt, rise, brave woman, great, how wonderful the process I am better than you, the image is good, similar to the ‘personality’, ‘trump card’ mean, in contrast, I’m just a normal person. I sent a document at noon yesterday too fast, did not think too much, ignoring the possibility of other meaning." In addition, a lawyer, has once again issued to explain his intention is still willing to help fans, "the document is intended to help, not me I have no difference ah, with a little less brain, if in the future to find I can, no need to think too much. I have no intention of causing other problems, since the fans want me delete ", and that he really had no intention of causing trouble," this metaphor thinking wrong and not posting weeks, if you feel uncomfortable, please forgive me, I’m sorry. No intention to block everyone’s mouth, you can continue to teach."相关的主题文章: