Golden Week travel 36 million 230 thousand passengers per person in Hubei Chu spent 511 yuan (video)

During the golden week 36 million 230 thousand passengers travel Chu spent 511 yuan per person in the Hubei golden week, Yellow Crane Tower park visitors full day Metropolis Daily reporter Li Hui photo eleven golden week this year, the province around the first rainy weather, sunny, hot tourism market, a new record high. According to the Provincial Tourism Commission statistics, 7 days, the province received a total of 36 million 236 thousand tourists, tourism revenue of $25 billion 830 million, an increase of 20.1% and 22.3%. Take the high-speed rail travel into the province’s key scenic spots Hubei hot continued unpopular, the 10 5A class scenic tourists 2 million 500 thousand passengers, ticket sales of nearly 300 million yuan. Among them, East Lake, Shennongjia, Wudang Mountains, the Three Gorges Dam, the Three Gorges and Huangpi Mulan ecological tourist area, more than 100 thousand tourists. Changyang Qingjiang gallery for three consecutive days to reach the upper limit, Shennongjia, Mulan eco-tourism area to reach the level of early warning. "Friends of Hubei" tourism image is known throughout the country, into the provinces of Hubei Tourism growth. The 7 day holiday, the Wuhan high speed rail station to station passenger total ranked third in the country, take the high-speed rail to Hubei tourism has become a hot topic. Wuhan Railway Bureau official said, tourists take the Beijing Guangzhou high-speed rail, Han Yi EMU to Wuhan, East Lake and Yichang, the Three Gorges scenic Yellow Crane Tower scenic tourist scenic spots in Enshi. The National Day holiday, wutie sent a total of 6 million 400 thousand passengers, with the same period last year. In October 1st October 7th, the Wuhan Railway Bureau, more than 800 thousand passengers a day, close to the Spring Festival this year to send visitors daily peak. Tourists per capita consumption of 511 yuan in China is a welcome change, from the tourist transit in Wuhan, into a tourist destination. Wuhan Tourism Bureau statistics, the city received a total of 16 million 440 thousand and 700 tourists, the total tourism revenue of $8 billion 153 million, an increase of 21.09%, an increase of 22.87%. The average occupancy rate of the city’s accommodation facilities reached 79.02%, the average stay in the Han Chinese tourists stay for 2.45 days. Nearly 80% tourists tourists, overnight visitors in nearly 70% families and other relatives to choose tourist accommodation facilities; tourists spent 511.73 yuan per capita, shopping accounted for the largest, accounting for 25.92% of the total cost of, followed by the rest of catering, entertainment, transportation, tickets and accommodation and other expenses. Large commercial and catering business revenue grew 4.52%, respectively, by 9.53%. (reporter Gao Dongqi, Hu Yongmou correspondent,, and so on, and so on, and so on,) of the golden week of the high speed rail passengers to remind passengers to prevent the loss of the eleven golden week on the creation of the of China, and so on, and so on, in order to avoid the loss of the passengers in the city of China, and so on,相关的主题文章: