Good times no longer sell Ji’nan clothing Koreatown to the snack street

Good times no longer sell Ji’nan clothing "Koreatown" to the snack Street recently, many people found through the South Gate Street, Koreatown underground small square is being renovated. Qilu Evening News reporter learned, Koreatown recently started upgrading, South Korea will increase the small square street of antique buildings, turned South Korean snack street. More importantly, the mall will become part of the Korean goods from now into more than 9 into the Korean goods to become the theme of Korean imports of shopping malls. The investment policy is that households regularly provide free support to purchase. Market management admitted that the upgrade and highlight the characteristics of South Korea are to deal with the impact of the internet. Koreatown Sunken Plaza has built part of Korean antique buildings increase South Korea delicacy Street clothing pure Korean goods Ji’nan citizen Ms. Fang recently through the South Gate Street, Luoyuan Street North Korean town before the sinking square is being renovated, the entrance facade also has set up the iron shelf. "It’s not going to close? But it has been leading the fashion in Ji’nan for more than ten years." Lady wonder. 28, 2009, the reporter saw in the Korean city, on the ground of the billboard reads, reinstall the normal business upgrade. Through the Luoyuan Street on the north side of the road under the stairs to Koreatown, sinking square is under construction. A square on the west side of the row of stores had disappeared and became taller and wider than the original room. The north side of the row is the original bathroom, is also being renovated. Stores are building Korean style wooden roof. The north side of the square, is a prototype has emerged in the double Pavilion, the steel frame is a wooden roof. On the eastern side of the front entrance Koreatown also set up a steel frame, than the original entrance frame taller and wider. At noon, the South Korean city residents normal business, but the passenger scarce. Mall interior and no traces of decoration. Some shops Street passage with the words "decoration sale". The Koreatown business information office in front of the mall property, Koreatown in August this year invested heavily in a comprehensive renovation of the mall environment upgrade, after the upgrade will Han Guocheng Korea antique buildings, combined with the characteristics of the landscape, to create a strong Korean style. After the upgrade, Koreatown and strive to create a South Korean imports of the main shopping malls, will increase from 30 to 40 in the special snack guojietongdao obvious position, South Korea launched special delicacy. See the beauty on the Koreatown, old scene has not changed in Koreatown for operators who helpless, but they hold high expectations for the upcoming changes. A Koreatown guojietongdao business clothing business for 17 years and said there had not received the store to the decoration of the news, however, shopping malls have been called operators who met. Like the bathroom hardware conditions such as this will improve, but also here to sell all Korean goods, South Korea to purchase free of charge." Residents of Gao Mei (a pseudonym) played a shop advertising, she said a few days ago, the mall to South Korean stock she didn’t go, she would consider participating in after the close. Gao Mei said, in recent years by the impact of network entity, store the bad days, Koreatown is no exception. Come and go almost no one, just opened here, when people can not see the end of the passage, go to the toilet have to squeeze half a day." Gao Mei]相关的主题文章: