Guangxi traffic card issued yesterday anti Qinbei bus line interconnection-sichen

"Guangxi traffic card" issued yesterday anti Qinbei bus line interconnection Guangxi daily news (reporter correspondent Wu Liping Lian Bo) reporter from the Guangxi traffic card Limited by Share Ltd was informed that the "Guangxi traffic card — Guangxi people card" has been formally adopted by the Ministry of transportation test system, with the issuing conditions, Qinzhou, Beihai, Fangchenggang city in November 15th 3 began issuing the card can be used in public, 38 bus lines 3, with "transit" logo on. According to reports, "Guangxi traffic card holder", in more than 40 including Beijing, Tianjin, has achieved traffic card interconnection city credit card use. In the future, the card can be used not only in the bus, subway, taxi, public bicycle, parking lot, ferry and other transportation field, also will be gradually extended to the payment of public utilities, small consumption, travel and other public services. Relevant person in charge of the company, will strive to achieve 4 city traffic card interoperability including Nanning Beibu Gulf Economic Zone in Guangxi this year, the beginning of the end of November to Nanning city bus, taxi, subway and other credit card system, equipment upgrades. After the completion of the transformation, the existing traffic card and Nanning citizen card jointly upgrade, release a "card", the card contains the existing function of Nanning citizen card, the cardholder holding the card, you can take public transportation card in 4 city.

“广西交通一卡通”昨起发行 钦北防公交线路互联互通   广西日报讯 (记者 吴丽萍 通讯员 连波)记者从广西交通一卡通股份有限公司获悉,“广西交通一卡通――桂民卡”已正式通过交通部系统测试,具备发卡条件,钦州、北海、防城港3市11月15日起陆续发卡,市民持卡可在3市贴有“交通联合”标识的38条公交线路上使用。   据介绍,“广西交通一卡通”的持有人,能够在包括北京、天津在内的40多个已实现交通一卡通互联互通的城市刷卡使用。今后,该卡不仅可以应用于公交车、地铁、出租车、公共自行车、停车场、轮渡等多种交通运输领域,还将逐步扩展到公共事业缴费、小额消费、旅游出行等公共服务领域。   该公司相关负责人介绍,今年将力争实现包括南宁在内的广西北部湾经济区4市交通一卡通互联互通,11月底开始对南宁市公交车、出租车、地铁等刷卡系统、机具进行升级改造。改造完成后,交通一卡通将和现有的南宁市民卡共同升级,新发行一张“一卡通”,该卡包含了南宁市民卡的现有功能,持卡人手持该卡,即可在4市刷卡乘坐公共交通工具。相关的主题文章: