Haikou girl spent 110 thousand loan Yuanlong chest breast swelling armpit unconscious adobe gamma

Haikou girl spent 110 thousand loan Yuanlong chest breast swelling armpit unconscious a Haikou girl loan took 11 Bandung after the chest breast swelling armpit unconscious puzzling is that the hospital went to find the surgeon and anesthesiologist resume and relevant qualification certificates of maternal and Child Health Hospital of Zhuhai city check list. Southern Metropolis Daily News November 11th (reporter Zhang Wang Wen period map) "I spent 110 thousand to do breast augmentation surgery, plastic surgery hospital but even medical records do not give me, it makes me very strange." In November 11th, working in Haikou, 90 (flowers) youyou especially depressed, to pay 60 thousand in cash, loans and 50 thousand for breast augmentation surgery in Hainan dream magic plastic surgery clinic after almost three months later, not only to a small lump on the chest, and left armpit has no consciousness. To find the hospital medical and surgical records, the hospital also has repeatedly refused to. It is even more surprising is that people actually responsible for a hospital to find surgery surgeons and anaesthetists resume and related qualification proof materials for her. For the perfect chest girl spent 110 thousand general anesthesia of breast augmentation is a good looking youyou 90, think small chest. In August 22nd this year, in a friend’s recommendation, Hainan dream magic plastic surgery clinic is located in the sea to youYou RD and Lantian Road intersection to do breast augmentation surgery. She was introduced to the clinic staff, to give her the name of the doctor to do surgery Qiu, is a famous plastic surgeon from Taiwan. This is coming over to help her to do surgery, orthopedic medicine the doctor is very good, after the operation can be recovered, implant, without any discomfort, will not appear numbness unconscious body feeling. So the cost is relatively high, operation and material costs, a total of more than 110 thousand. Had enough of yoyo, decided to choose to pay more than 60 thousand in cash, 50 thousand loans (11 also) surgery. In August 22nd, around 5 pm, you went into the outpatient operation room for surgery. Let you unexpected is, had thought the night unable to discharge, second days should be discharged her, actually in the clinic for 10 days before the official discharge. But when he was discharged from the hospital, the orthopedic clinic did not give youyou issued records related to diagnosis and operation etc.. At the time, the left armpit unconscious, but after two months still did not improve quickly. In October 16th, you to check the maternal and Child Health Hospital of Zhuhai City, there are half a finger sized lump in the left breast. A well-known long thoracic surgery experts said, this yoyo appears, is not the case, if the condition does not appear after a period of expansion, or recovery. On the contrary, the situation tends to deteriorate, you must go to the hospital for treatment. We suspected their breast augmentation surgery may not succeed. In November 9th, she went to Hainan dream magic plastic surgery clinic for medical record and operation record, but the clinic staff to find grounds for refusing to provide good. You said, after surgery, plastic surgery clinics did not give her any surgery related information, or even pay more than 110 thousand of the cost of the Invoice No. Doctors questioned the qualifications of the clinic can not find relevant.相关的主题文章: