Haikou people online shopping shoes cheated more than 50 thousand yuan police investigation 9c8996

The people of Haikou shoes online shopping cheated more than 50 thousand yuan, the police are investigating the "female rookie" online shopping shoes in the way "customer service" cheated 50 thousand yuan Haikou police have accepted the case is further investigation. Reporter Wang Denghai Hainan special zone daily news online shopping more convenient, patrons can buy your favorite items, but may not shopping to be deceived, Wu Haikou people is so. In a shopping, Ms. Wu can not contact Taobao shop customer service, not the right online shopping she found on the Internet to a self proclaimed Taobao customer service staff, the result was cheated nearly 60 thousand yuan. Ms. Wu introduced in March 15th this year, she took a pair of shoes on Taobao, intends to buy. In order to further understand the quality of shoes, size and other conditions, in the evening, she contacted Taobao shop customer service a few times, did not get a reply. The next day, there is still no contact Taobao shop customer service Wu was very puzzled. "Why do they ignore me?" Ms. Wu said that before this, she rarely buy things on the Internet, the computer is not very familiar with. Subsequently, Ms. Wu to consult a user, the user can not tell a so come, only to find her online Taobao customer service phone, call to ask. Wu on the Internet search a few phone calls, playing a few phone calls, they do not how i." Finally, Ms. Wu found a place to belong to Beijing phone number, the other claiming to be Taobao customer service staff". Thought to contact the Taobao customer service ", to buy the right shoes, not right online shopping Wu never expected, this is from the Internet to search the phone, let her step into the puzzle of fraud. On the phone, the other told Ms. Wu, the reason why Taobao customer service ignore her, because she is not a member of the Taobao VIP, after becoming a member of VIP, they dare not ignore you, otherwise they will buckle their deposit." The other on the phone said, for VIP members have to pay a deposit, the deposit will be returned after the run. Ms Wu for gospel truth a bank card number, tell each other, each other in accordance with guidelines, give a name for Wu Moumou account transfer money, in the process of transferring money to each other, hang up the phone. "After a few minutes, he called again." Ms. Wu said that the other side of the phone to blame her, due to hang up the phone, resulting in the card is frozen, unable to continue operations, the need for a bank card. In order to become a successful Taobao VIP online shopping, Ms. Wu had to deal with another bank card called VIP members. This time the other side of the computer through the operation of Ms Wu to handle. In the handling of the process, the other to hang up the phone said repeat the stock tricks, bank card is frozen, asked Ms. Wu to the bank to transfer money as a deposit for VIP membership card. Ms. Wu said, she did not realize that this is a hoax, then took the bank card to the bank to transfer money in the process, but fortunately was the bank staff found and stopped, but when her 3 bank cards have been a liar cheated 58373.23 yuan. Subsequently, Ms. Wu sent to the Haikou white dragon.相关的主题文章: