Hengfeng bank to carry out mountaineering activities for celebration-noreply

Hengfeng banks for mountaineering activities to celebrate the establishment of 5th anniversary Qing Hengfeng bank Wenzhou branch, Wenzhou branch full of home culture, enhance team cohesion and team spirit, recently, Prudential Bank Wenzhou branch in Luoshan organized a "constant by far Yongpangaofeng 5th anniversary Qing mountaineering activities. The mountaineering activities take the form of group competition, divided into 9 teams, each team selected 6 players, each composed of 2 female employees and 4 male employees, which fully embodies the spirit of unity and cooperation. On the day, employees gathered at the foot of Luoshan. As the game order, the players braved the rain arrow along the mountain path to the Luoshan "peak" sprint. In the face of rugged, steep slope of the mountain, the staff is confident, fearless. In the game, the players, the players race each other fall over each other, on the way to help each other and work together to reflect the team trying to be the first sense of competition and fighting spirit, and full of good team spirit and team spirit. After fierce competition for more than an hour, finally by the Longwan branch of the team won the first prize. This is the 5th anniversary line of Prudential Bank Wenzhou branch celebration of the opening, but also show branch staff event, not only exercise the physical quality of employees, promote the communication between employees, creating a healthy, positive enterprising, solidarity and cooperation team spirit.

恒丰银行开展行庆登山活动为庆祝恒丰银行温州分行成立五周年,充分展现温州分行家园文化,增进团队凝聚力和协作精神,近日,恒丰银行温州分行在大罗山组织开展“恒者行远 勇攀高峰”五周年行庆登山活动。此次登山活动采取团体比赛的形式,共分成9支队伍,每队选出6名队员,分别由2名女员工和4名男员工组成,由此充分体现团结协作的团队精神。活动当天,员工们齐聚大罗山脚下。随着比赛的一声令下,队员们冒着小雨箭一般地沿着登山小路向大罗山“顶峰”冲刺。面对蜿蜒崎岖、险峻陡峭的山路,员工们信心十足,无所畏惧。在比赛中,队员们争先恐后、你追我赶,途中队员们相互帮助,携手共进,体现出参赛团队勇于争先的竞争意识和拼搏精神,同时又充分展现了良好的团队意识和协作精神。经过一个多小时的激烈竞争,最终由龙湾支行代表队获得第一名。此次活动是恒丰银行温州分行五周年行庆活动的开篇,也是展示分行员工风采的盛会,不仅锻炼了员工的身体素质,促进了员工之间的沟通交流,更营造了健康向上、团结协作、积极进取的团队精神。相关的主题文章: