Hey hey! Wowkie Zhang in the 919 party matchless melody t6670

Hey hey! Wowkie Zhang in the "919 party" the golden Wowkie Zhang Jiangsu TV 919 evening Carnival Zhang Wei Sina entertainment news coming in September 19th in Beijing, broadcast by Jiangsu satellite TV to create [micro-blog] "919 night", and Wowkie Zhang will be his figure. This time, he will be in Jiangsu satellite TV, "" the greatest hero in the world in the popular adaptation as "human" Hi up boutique dedicated to the audience, with crazy. "The greatest hero in the world" "sing" + masked hand piece frequently hit Zhang Wei bloom music early heart from the just concluded "the greatest hero in the world" to the upcoming launch of "masked sing guess", in the Jiangsu satellite TV arena, has become the top piece hand Wowkie Zhang [micro-blog], realize his musical skill. Especially in the "Electronic Music Carnival" ladder "in Wowkie Zhang has been in the greatest hero in the world", "have a fever", a play is like playing chicken in general, most incisive interpretation of what is the real "happy music". It is worth mentioning that, on Sunday, ending "the greatest hero in the world", Wowkie Zhang with 20 popular divine comedy to "human comprehensive quality" Hi up win for the legendary Phoenix [micro-blog] cover songs about the team won the championship, Wowkie Zhang very excited, "two years of effort to a certain degree of encouragement, is that feeling particularly good!" And when it comes to music, he says, "what you love will never change, and people will pay for all the things they love. I still love music, especially want to do music." Many fans think carefully after singing in Jiangsu TV "Dragon Boat melody" fishing stage Joker [micro-blog]. Although in the hand piece and circles called "South North Zhang Xue", but the music, they are always the same heart. Recently, a Wowkie Zhang 919 Carnival Night Video Online crazy turn, in Wowkie Zhang, Beijing has always maintained its own confidence and as a man, with wacky expressions, but revealed a serious attitude, "using scripts to rule the earth, with the Divine Comedy Shua Xinyu universe, I’m Wowkie Zhang, 919 night bel cool." Who will come together "Hi"? Guess not stop: looking forward to the Olympic star and the teacher together has always been to the wacky wind known Wowkie Zhang, had spent the past music MV, leading many new, extraordinary and special unique fashion line. If we say that "the world of fine up hi" to listen to the lively, then look at the creative! After all, this is the master of 20 song of "teacher style" mix and match "grandiose" wind, almost everything is possible! It is worth mentioning is that the "919 night" also invited join in Rio Olympic triumph athletes. Olympic athletes to the hand piece cross field force, we have seen. The hand piece body style, the effect will be not of the common sort in the "919 more carnival night", "human" will end up fine hi play out what new tricks? Party director group said, has listened carefully to the voices of netizens, as part of the creative part of the temporary confidentiality, I believe we must give you a happy and fresh feeling." (responsibility)相关的主题文章: