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Home Furnishing know evil feng shui bathroom feng shui taboo?? now the bathroom unit design residential building as a location for one family’s health, I’m afraid is ignored, because the bathroom in the modern mansion occupied a very important position in science. In general, modern apartment building, and the bathroom can not be polluted land the same view, more as a mansion in the water to see the function. ?? The other day to see a feng shui, he lived in a very upscale district, although the area outside the bustling, into the area was quiet, and numerous sparse, configured properly, landscape dotted with unique and interesting. His unit in a building area of nearly two hundred square meters, the decoration is also quite luxurious, with a good compass lattice direction, see the room layout, one bathroom is designed in the center of the unit, this is a wrong design, this design is the most adverse health pattern, made of Feng Shui taboo. This pattern for a long time, the family is likely to suffer from heart disease. When I point out this, he said sadly, his father died of a heart attack, some time ago, the wife also feel chest tightness, the results of the examination of the heart is also a problem, the original is really the cause of Feng shui. Balcony, bathroom feng shui know how many? What is the relationship between the location and design of the toilet and health? Here as a note. One, the center does not set up guard. The heart of a unit building corresponds to the heart, in Feng Shui is a very important position, in general, can not be set up, can not set up a kitchen, can not have a column. If the kitchen in the center, it is difficult to set up a ventilation device, and the smell in the kitchen to the room will be distributed from the health point of view, is also not easy. The bad smell is discharged out, the design of Feng Shui taboo. Two, Wei is not the door. The bathroom itself due to common causes, the moisture will be heavy, also there will be bad, if the door is not the same. Because the door is a total home port, is angry, good fortune, wealth, position, if the relative door and toilet, will be polluted and negative moisture bathroom in the collision, will affect the health of their families, the impact of this, many related and digestive system. At the same time, will also affect the home. Moreover, visitors see the bathroom door, is also very elegant. If you encounter this situation, as far as possible, close to the door of the gate, a door to open a suitable.   kitchen to separate?? three, to separate the kitchen. Some of the homes due to space restrictions on the water problem, the kitchen design together, is actually wrong. A kitchen is fire a water together, gas phase, will form a good atmosphere, and the spirit of human health will be affected. However, the objective is the case, the two have been designed together. In this case, the toilet must have an independent space and can close the door, the exhaust is also good, in addition to the bathroom door hung beads do another solution. Four, health can not be high. The suite toilet ground must not exceed the height of the height of the bedroom. This is a good place to consider the home from the environment, but also in line with the principles of Feng shui. This is because the bathroom is moisture and dirt accumulation.相关的主题文章: