How To Make Your Customers Want To Buy More From You On Ebay-punyu

Internet-and-Business-Online It is easier to sell more products to your existing happy customers than it is to sell your products to new customers who don’t yet know that you provide excellent service and exceptional value for money on eBay. But good service on its own is not enough to make people buy from you again on eBay. People EXPECT good service. Next time they might buy from someone else who ALSO gives good service. So you can not just expect your existing customers to .e back and buy from you in future. You need to give them .PELLING reasons to buy from you again and again and AGAIN. One way to do this is to OVER-DELIVER. Consider sending them something that they weren’t expecting with their item as a free gift. It should be something that costs little or nothing for you to provide but has high perceived value to your customer. It should be something that is relevant and related in some way to what they have bought. If it isn’t, it may have no value to them. An information product such as an ebook would be ideal. But don’t just enclose the free gift – draw their attention to it and emphasise its value in your covering letter, e.g. "Congratulations on winning (name of item they’ve bought). I have also enclosed (name of free gift). These normally sell for $10 but please accept it as my free gift to you to wel.e you as one of my many satisfied customers." Most people would feel inclined to reward your generosity by doing business with you next time rather than going elsewhere. Another way to encourage your existing customers to do more business with you is to offer them a DISCOUNT or money off their next purchase from you. It could be a percentage, i.e. 10% off, or a fixed amount e.g. $10 off. Once someone has bought something from you on eBay, they are YOUR customer so you can contact them directly about your back-end products. You can either write to them or email them, if you have collected their email address. It is possible to send all of your customers on your list a series of emails automatically. Once you’ve set the system up, it runs .pletely on autopilot. There are many software programs that can do this but by far the best – the one that most top inter. marketers use – is Aweber. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: