Huang Xiaoming baby large scale play without asking her kissing told me did not report. k9084

Huang Xiaoming baby: large scale play without asking her kissing told me did not report Huang Xiaoming and Xie Lin to play according to Hongkong media reports, Huang Xiaoming for the new movie "Groundhog Day spy" (mainland title "trump card" with ACE) accept local media of a long distance call, when the media asked Angelababy is not a "Baby" when the answer suddenly had access to Xiaoming without a sound, one end of the phone staff immediately stop, the media see Xiaoming didn’t sound that quickly without demur congratulate him, then, before the issue of Xiaoming "ha ha" in response to. What does the five "ha" mean? Not pregnant, should be able to say no! Angela Baby recently introduced the Hollywood blockbuster "ID4 star" in the rebirth as the incarnation of fighter pilots. Is not about to emulate Mrs. march on Hollywood, Huang Xiaoming smiled and said: "she enter Hollywood, when my wife." Dayton still stressed that the hope is relaxed, not deliberately, the opportunity to shoot Hollywood film on the film, there is no so-called. Dare to talk with Andy Lau daughter by Huang Xiaoming who plays agent, he and Andy Lau go through fire and water. Andy Lau repeatedly praised the high value of Huang Xiaoming yan. Huang Xiaoming said: "Huage is not the old man of god!" He said that Andy Lau is not only handsome, but also dedicated to the scene with the control force: "others are good, man has always been my role model, he is my idol." He also said that super nervous talking with China: "brother, as the girl heart bursting!" Is there any way to talk to her? Huang Xiaoming said: "I dare not ask him in person, he does not say, I will not ask. But I saw him talking about his daughter, very happy." Throw the burden idol dew "cartoon underwear" in "types" (the title "the mainland spy ACE ACE," funny) Huang Xiaoming put aside the burden idol, "foreign cartoon underwear", was "bound" hairy, ugly no scale, he said: "I think it’s not enough. I can play more crazy! My aunt in Qingdao a program, so just give me a chance, I can have a good play, ha ha ha ha!" Huang Xiaoming and the two actress has scenes, one is the "hold live sister" — Taiwan actress Xie Lin, two is around 91 centimeters of our "crystal girl" Hu ran. Huang Xiaoming said: with hold live sister very familiar, just like a man acting, brothers, ah, you can play together, as for Hu ran, look at where are wrong, so shy!" Angela Baby and actress kiss, need to report? He said: "no, she was filming with men kissing has not reported to me!" When it comes to intimate scene scale, he said not too large scale, have the scale, will not overdo sth.. The most difficult play is eating insects he said show "types spy" scene is the highest difficulty eating insects: "the worm is fake, but do like really like, and hair, when shooting makes me sick to spit." "Steal" depicts Andy Lau as treasure ye, in order to protect the world, looking for Huang Xiaoming’s Rogue Luo Jia Hao together, and in the A dream (Wong Cho Lam ornaments) and Yan (Ouyang Nana ornaments) under the help of God "to snatch the seeds from the world terrorist organization". Indiana adventure in the process, the terrorist organization of beauty (Hu Ranshi) has come to the rescue of life threatening Jia hao. The film has been released locally.相关的主题文章: