In 2017 8 from the date of registration examination site to confirm how to report vidalia

In 2017 8 from the date of registration examination site to confirm how to report? 2017 graduate entrance examination online registration work was completed in October 31st. In the province of the candidates have completed the online registration and payment of candidates, please from November 8th to November 12th to the selected entry point for registration information on-site confirmation, complete the registration procedures. The candidates do not accept candidates at the scene of the confirmation by hand for registration or pay the examination fee. Normal registration stage is not registered, in principle, no longer accept the registration. In the normal period, due to network, system failure, resulting in failure to complete the payment or the wrong choice for the candidates, if need to apply for registration, should be strictly in accordance with the following provisions for registration and payment procedures: 1 an application for the registration of candidates, to be held November 8th -10, submit a written application to the relevant test report. The register for examination and approval to receive compensation for checking the code, fails to accept; 2 candidates with the check code in November 8th to 10 9:00-22:00 per day, fill in the online registration and payment research; 3 candidates in the online supplement research and the successful application after the payment, according to the selected register specified time and place to live confirm, complete the registration formalities; 4 of all fill the registration of candidates, shall be re registration and re registration information to the new online payment mode. 5 fill the registration of candidates, please carefully read the China research network, Fujian provincial education examination, register and admissions unit announced the registration announcement, according to the "online payment" is required to complete the payment. >相关的主题文章: