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IPhone 7 is now part of "noise", apple responded can switch – Sohu technology explosion in the Samsung Note 7 battery incident shadow side, apple recently appeared a lot of problems. Last week, part of the old iPhone users to upgrade iOS 10 brick problem has not completely ended, this new release of iPhone 7 was the explosion appeared "noise gate". Recently, foreign users @Stephen Hackett in the Twitter reaction, his new start iPhone 7 when operating at high load will appear obvious current "hiss" and upload a video tape. Then there are a lot of friends in this tweet message, said a similar problem. Including former Apple Corp publicist and current technology editor Darrell Etherington, he said during the initial 7 iPhone set is aware of this problem, but need to get the ear to hear. Then @Stephen Hackett and apple AppleCare made contact, apple responded that if after checked the problem can provide replacement services. However, in accordance with the current iPhone 77 Plus supply situation, it is unlikely to change in the short term. Since there is no cooling fan inside the phone, so the noise should be from a module on the circuit board. Some analysts believe that the noise may come from the Intel LTE modem core, it is also believed to be related to Apple’s latest A10 Fusion processor, because the noise is more obvious when the phone is running high load. In addition, there are also professional analysts said this could be due to noise of electronic components such as inductors at high frequency, poor workmanship, therefore appeared under the hiss. It is not clear whether all iPhone7 have this problem, but at home and abroad, some forums and social media has seen a lot of similar cases of user feedback. @Stephen Hackett users to upload video mengchuo links: read: iPhone 7 Plus headset interface where dismantling: MacBook Pro to cancel the 3.5mm headset interface? Transfer music will release the first VR mobile phone | Lei Feng post相关的主题文章: