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Jiaxing morning a stray dog bite 11 a primary injury is serious of rabies, the fatality rate was 100%, so once the dog bites are going to dog injury outpatient treatment wound. Yesterday, reporters from the Jiaxing municipal CDC was informed that in September 21st, the West community a dog Maqiao many people injured, a stray dog bites for many people, there are 11 injured people to dog injury outpatient treatment wound. 11 people were injured. The minimum age of 2 to 75 years from the beginning of September 21st day, at 6:30 in the morning, another 11 people were bitten by a dog, come to dispose of wound." City CDC infectious disease prevention Nagafu Koko boats said, asked that the 11 injured were in the west near the bridge was bitten by the dog, the youngest is 2 years old, the biggest 75 years old. According to the city CDC understand the situation, 21, about 5:30 in the morning, in the vicinity of the flowers community, a cleaning member was the first to be a dog bite by the roadside, while cleaning the home of a child was bitten. The dog ran perfect, then, in the three yuan he Xing Road and road intersection, a pupil was bitten, the injury is serious, the hospital suture needle. About 6:30 in the morning, the East Gate Bridge community in the west, and 3 people have been bitten. After that, a resident of West Maqiao community also bitten in the garage, the injury is serious, the shoes are bite out of the hole. According to the residents described, we speculated that the same dog, and then reported to the neighborhood committees, and reported to the police. "About 6:30 in the morning, we received a phone call, 5 minutes later arrived at the West Bridge community, stray dogs had run away, only to see some of the wounded." A dog in Nanhu District Management Office staff surnamed Chen told reporters, at 11 in the morning, they received 110 command center of the phone, bite dog was found are complementary primary school north campus near, after an arrest, the dog bite was brought back to, is a white dog, the dog from the tube do the disposal. "Judging from the present situation, the dog is very likely to have rabies." Fu said residents, boats, and ran after the dog bites, during the incident in the West Bridge, Mu lake, Baihua, Qinghe, three Yuan Road, Hexing Road, near the area of 3, may have also hurt the situation. "In the west near the bridge is similar to dog bites, please as soon as possible to all levels of dog injury outpatient treatment with wounds, and vaccination." I want to join the dog exposure to correctly deal with the wound from the data, this year was increased significantly compared with last year dog bites." Fu Fei told reporters that the first half of this year the number of people exposed to the city reached 31105 people, an increase of 9.78%. At the same time, this year there have been two cases of human rabies cases. One case occurred in February, with a home has Yangyi grass dog, puppy, half a year ago in sudden death by manic parallel foaming, discarded in the trash cans, without disinfection. Although patients were not clear at history, but usually contact with the dog (play), close the risk of exposure; another case occurred in August, according to the families of patients, patients had in the first half was bitten, scratched leg. "Farming is the most dangerous, that love dog friends usually keep dogs as fast.相关的主题文章: