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Jingdong test UAV delivery   solve the problem of rural electricity supplier distribution –IT– people’s original title: Jingdong test UAV delivery, solve the problem of rural electricity supplier distribution, Beijing daily news Jingdong began trying UAV delivery, solve the problem of rural electricity supplier distribution. The Jingdong yesterday exposed a video of a series of unmanned aerial vehicle delivery experiments. According to the introduction, the future of Jingdong will be phased UAV R & D and production, and strive for early realization of UAV delivery. The test is mainly in the rural electricity supplier logistics system, through the UAV to complete the delivery of goods from the distribution station to rural extension agents, the goal is to solve the rural electricity supplier "the last mile" distribution needs. Jingdong found through research, often less than 10 km from the station to the distance distribution of villages, but because of the complex terrain, mountains, and even need to cross the river, a distribution of staff sometimes need more than half the time, the time cost is very high. At the same time, the average weight and volume of small and medium-sized goods are not big, so it is suitable for the mass distribution of UAV from the distribution station to the rural extension agent. Previously, including the United States Amazon, as well as domestic SF and other courier companies have done unmanned aerial vehicle testing. UAV distribution test is a feasible breakthrough for China’s electricity supplier enterprises to change the logistics distribution industry from labor intensive to technology oriented. Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong said earlier, to meet the needs of the rapid growth of the rural electricity providers, Jingdong in actively promoting the development of drone distribution, and have large load, long endurance UAV partners, high reliability, docking UAV delivery and logistics system of Jingdong. Jingdong says UAV distribution improves the efficiency of logistics delivery and saves labor costs. After the completion of the UAV delivery process experiment, Jingdong will be phased, planned for UAV R & D and production, the establishment of UAV distribution scheduling center, and strive to achieve early delivery of uavs. 京东测试无人机送货 解决农村电商配送难题–IT–人民网 原标题:京东测试无人机送货 解决农村电商配送难题   北京商报讯 京东开始尝试无人机送货解决农村电商配送难题。京东昨日曝光了一个进行了一系列无人机送货实验的视频。根据介绍,未来京东将分阶段进行无人机研发和生产,并争取早日实现无人机送货。   此次测试主要在农村电商物流体系中,通过无人机完成从配送站到乡村推广员的商品传递,目标是解决农村电商“最后一公里”的配送需求。京东通过调研发现,从配送站到村庄直线距离往往小于10公里,但因为地形复杂,甚至需要翻山、过河,配送员进行一次配送有时需要半天以上时间,时间成本很高。同时,中小件货物的平均重量和体积都不大,非常适合采用无人机批量完成从配送站到乡村推广员的商品配送。此前,包括美国亚马逊,以及国内顺丰等快递公司都曾做过无人机测试。   无人机配送测试,是我国电商企业寻求将物流配送行业从劳动力密集型向科技导向型转变的可行性突破。京东集团首席执行官刘强东此前表示,为满足高速成长的农村电商需求,京东在积极推动无人机配送的研发,并选择具备大载重、长航时、高可靠性的无人机合作伙伴,进行无人机配送和京东物流系统的对接。   京东表示,无人机配送提升了物流配送的效率,节省了人工成本。在完成无人机送货的流程实验后,京东将分阶段、有计划地进行无人机研发和生产,建立无人机配送调度中心,力争早日实现无人机送货。相关的主题文章: