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Jingtai County Procuratorate of active service in the development of non-public economy — Gansu channel — people.com.cn original title: Jingtai county prosecutor’s Procuratorate of active service in the development of non-public economy in Jingtai county to carry out special action two links, two to promote the implementation of the "three," the same ", namely the non-public economy like the state-owned economy as given equal treatment, equal protection and equal service, active service in the development of non-public economy. Adhere to the business calls as the first signal, the enterprise satisfaction as the first pursuit, take the initiative to go to visit, expand the service channels of the development of non-public economy, urged the prosecution service targeted, legal compliance. The duty crime prevention departments to increase publicity efforts to provide bribery file query results for the enterprise, project bidding, maintain normal order, promote enterprise credit system construction, to assist the enterprise to carry out the duty crime prevention work. The civil administrative procuratorial departments take the initiative to urge the relevant units in a timely manner for all kinds of enterprises related to administrative approval, guarantee the enterprise legal management authority. From the investigation, prosecution department for Prudential Sheqi case, "five is not easy, five are not allowed, that is not easily summoned the responsible person of the enterprise, the enterprise accounts, frozen, seized enterprises books seized assets of the enterprise and use coercive measures; not open the police into the enterprise handling, not accept business banquets, gifts, no borrow service machine go out and visit, do not occupy, borrow and use of enterprise funds and facilities are not allowed by the service of the machine to seek personal interests and friends, and resolutely prevent the handling of improper influence the production and operation of enterprises. At the same time to optimize the contact mechanism, to achieve zero distance, pro business services seamless, create a clean environment service enterprises. In order to enhance the service capabilities, attaches great importance to its service ability construction, to ensure the realization of the "two benefit, two promote the development of non-public economy in the service process, and enhance the ability and level of the procuratorial organs serving the overall situation by carrying out special operations. (Wei Maohua) (commissioning editor Gao Xiang and Zhou Wanting)相关的主题文章: