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The girl had no money for treatment of leukemia family help users 30 hours donated 300 thousand – public channel agony small Yan zi. September 16th news, I did not expect to publish a letter of help on the Internet, thousands of well wishers, and soon donated enough money to help her daughter 300 thousand yuan. This world is still a lot of good people!" On the morning of 14, Chongqing Yangtze River brigade female leader of excited tang. Promote the donation of love in Chongqing, Yuzhong Tourism Association, the daughter of the year, the daughter of Liu, this year less than 2 years old, had leukemia, need a large operating expenses. 9 at noon, the Yangtze River international travel group sent Lu in static information association said: "his daughter Ziyan million colleagues sudden acute T lymphocytic leukemia, 300 thousand yuan high treatment costs so that more difficult family couldn’t afford, members of the organization of emergency donation hope." 11, when the Internet platform, the association of WeChat group, issued a letter of help and the association of the letter of recommendation, more than 90 users also spontaneously stand out to prove the authenticity of help. Subsequently, thousands of people in the tourism circle to send this message to the circle of friends. 16, the amount of online donations amounted to $5000. 22, the total amount of donations amounted to $220 thousand. Less than 30 hours to donate full of $300 thousand. At the same time, the Internet also left a full blessing, encouragement, love. "Users as many as 6789 people to participate in donations, donations from all over the country army formed a torrent of love, which makes us very moved." Zhou Bing, who was involved in promoting the fund-raising campaign, said. Now, Zi Yan is the Chongqing Children’s Hospital two blood hospital, to lumbar puncture, spinal puncture, chemotherapy and other treatment every day. Source: Chongqing Morning News相关的主题文章: