Li Yanqiang was elected mayor of Guangxi, Beihai viper12a

Li Yanqiang was elected mayor of Beihai, Guangxi reported: what Xinxing was elected to the Hechi Municipal People’s Congress Chairman Tang Yunshu was elected mayor of Guangxi Li Yanqiang was nominated as candidate for mayor of Beihai municipal Party committee deputy secretary of Guangxi Beihai three party secretary in the Provincial Standing Committee of the team gathered in Beijing, Beihai in September 29, Guangxi (Zhai Liqiang) the first session of the fifteenth Beihai Municipal People’s Congress 29 closing the meeting Li Yanqiang was elected the new mayor of Beihai city. Beihai’s newly elected mayor of Guangxi Li Yanqiang. Zhai Liqiang photo from July 1998 to, worked in Beihai and served as vice mayor of the city in March 2006. Since then, he served as deputy director of the office of the autonomous region of Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone and the ASEAN cooperation and opening up (director level) post. In August 30th this year, he was nominated as a candidate for mayor of Beihai Municipal People’s government. Li Yanqiang said the same day, took over the mayor’s baton, he felt honored and also feel the pressure. Beihai is now standing at a new starting point, he must have confidence and trust, into practical action for the performance of their duties, lattice dedicated to promote scientific development, promote the Beihai continue to play a leading role in the Beibu Gulf Economic Zone, efforts to improve people’s livelihood and well-being, according to law, the exercise of power in the orbit of the rule of law, to put the power in the sun, in a cage system. The first session of the Fifteenth National People’s Congress of Beihai. Photo by Zhai Liqiang Zhu Huidong, the general assembly also elected Liu Xiang, Li Weizhang, Li Kechun, Chen Xun, Chen Wei, Zhuo yingzi (female) as vice mayor of Beihai city; Zeng Yan is Beihai City Intermediate People’s court; Wang Dachun was elected to the Beihai Municipal People’s procuratorate.相关的主题文章: