Liu Xiaoqing meet 61 years old after the birthday will not report to the outside world e2140

Liu Xiaoqing meet 61 years old: after the birthday will not report to the outside world to celebrate the birthday of Liu Xiaoqing, the charm of the year October 30th, the charm of is the birthday of [micro-blog] [] []. Huaxi city reporter learned from the Shanghai: Although there are many old friends Zheng Mingming, Tang Ping Lucci, in a variety of ways Happy birthday blessing Liu Xiaoqing, but she did not rest, in the birthday night for the Shanghai audience Xianyan large-scale historical drama "Wu Zetian". From "Jin Daban last night", "young" to "Wu Zetian", Liu Xiaoqing’s three dramas every time to perform in Shanghai are welcome. Birthday night, Liu Xiaoqing’s fans have a point of praise and blessing: Happy Birthday goddess, I wish you still beautiful as in the past, as well as friends joked: I wish you forever like a 18 year old girl!" According to Huaxi Dushi Bao reporter, Liu Xiaoqing version of the drama "Wu Zetian" had been in Shanghai Poly Theater performances. At that time only arranged a, but the tickets were sold out a month in advance. The three games, tickets are sold in advance. On the stage, Liu Xiaoqing is wonderful, Wu Zetian "and perseverance, character plump queen image was true to life. Liu Xiaoqing gave up the lengthy narrative of Wu Zetian’s speech to the young Wu old, key create rich image of Wu Zetian’s reign, this also with Liu Xiaoqing’s age almost simultaneously, so she can understand that Wu Zetian’s mood. 10 pm, the end of the show, starring Liu Xiaoqing rate actors to stage one by one to the Shanghai audience curtain call, and announced today is her birthday, one with the chorus of "I wish you Happy birthday", the atmosphere suddenly reached a climax…… Liu Xiaoqing stood on the stage, frequently bowed to the audience in Shanghai again and again. Liu Xiaoqing’s birthday night, exclusive interview with the Huaxi metropolis daily. She made a birthday speech to the WCC reporter. Liu Xiaoqing said: in fact, the birthday is a very personal thing, I did not expect to spend on the stage today, is the dual identity of Wu Zetian and the passage of the, thank you so much audience with me. For me, whether it is movies, television dramas, or drama, I very much, on the stage every second, I have completely to you, and you have given me so selfless applause, in which the contact wear is love, let us have a love a night like this. Thank you! I love you! Finally, thank you for bringing me into this world! I miss you very much!" Early in the evening of 28, as a longtime friend of Liu Xiaoqing of Shanghai’s famous dramatist Jiao Huang, ahead of time to watch the performance. Jiao Huang Liu Xiaoqing once said: every drama he will personally join in, including before the "last night" and Jin Daban’s "young". Liu Xiaoqing finally told the Huaxi Dushi Bao reporter, said: "after today’s birthday, after the birthday I do not report to the outside world." WCC reporter Du Enhu (client commissioning editor: Ianto)相关的主题文章: