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Fashion-Style Jewelry is always the women’s favorite. Spring and summer is the best time for women to show themselves, but as the leaves turn yellow and falling, clothes gradually cover the flowery jewelry; should woman say good bye to those charming jewelry in the autumn and cold winter? In fact, life-loving women need not to worry about that, as long as you are good at observing, you will know the jewelry wearing "secrets". In autumn, the design of clothes gradually change into long sleeves from the short sleeve, collarless T-shirt change into a turtle neck sweater, the fabric are thickening ,even fur and fabric cloth also .e to stage. Accordingly, in the autumn we can choose following jewelry to decorate ourselves, brooch, silk scarves, medium-large earrings, long chain sweater. Tall women are suitable for wearing larger size jewelry. Heavy and thick fabric clothes, long designed coat and sweater should all match with relatively large jewelry. Except for wooden beads necklace, thick mental long chain necklace is one of the most popular jewelry in autumn clothes matching. Mental jewelry is quite suitable for autumn color, so wearing a bronze or antique silver jewelry is the best way to decorate your whole dressing. If you wear dark color dress in the office, decorating a Swarovski crystal brooch in the dark color dress will help your remove the serious image, and make you more demure and charming. Cheongsam is traditional style of chinese dress, loved by young and middle-aged women, and it is the best choice to show female body shape. In order to match with massive clothing, "bright", "big" and "exaggerate are the key words. Whether you are sporty cropped haircut, smooth long hair, enthusiastic big curly hair, or elegant updo, its better to choose big dangling or hooks earrings rather than a small delicate earring stud, the dangler glittering in your hair just like a jumping spirit. Animal shaped, candy, flowers or restoring ancient style can let you sparkling in the sunshine. We need spent more time and energy to dressing up in the cold winter. Now I tell you several matching skills. Thick brown tartan suit can be matched with concolorous corduroy trousers and a gray wool scarf. And pin a dark gen brooch with simple design in your suit can bring you dazzling bright color in the depressing winter. The scarf, manta and hat are our necessity in winter, we should select it cording to its style and color, and at the same time we should pay attention to its texture match. A bright-colored, fashionable wool hat makes middle-aged women much younger, if wearing a bead chain in the waist, it would be more charming and attractive. There are many different ways to wearing scarf and manta, you can learn it from internet or you can create a new wearing method, pin a bling brooch in your scarf will make your more vigorous. In fact, in dull and cold winter, girls can also show their infinite glamour. As long as you dressing up skillfully we can not only keeping warm, you can also be.e beautiful and vigorous in the depressing winter. Cold winter cannot withstand beauty-loving women. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: