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"Meet Wang Lichuan" will be the same as a sequel (Figure) – Beijing, Gao Yixiang and Jiao Junyan in Beijing on 8 September, (reporter Zhang Xi) by Gao Yixiang, Jiao Junyan starred in "meet Wang Lichuan", held in Beijing 7 fan meeting. Screenwriter and producer Zhou Tian Shi dingrou and starring Gao Yixiang, Jiao Junyan, Andrew Lien, Liu Yue attended. "Meet Wang Lichuan" tells the story of the Swiss Chinese architects Wang Lichuan and Xie Xiaoqiu from the college students from a small town in Yunnan, isolated love reunion, a love story in life and death. Gao Yixiang marry Jiao Junyan due to the drama just ending, many fans said did not see the fun. The conference stars also performed a stage show, a repeat of Pelle to Wang Lichuan home birthday, two people hug warmth courtship scene, causing fans screaming. The reporter understands, "met Wang Lichuan" the backlog of four years before sowing, recalls the shooting events, Jiao Junyan broke into a funny, a scene with Gao Yixiang in the romantic Swiss Lake, "we four eyes relative, it is very cold, I watched his nose begins to flow to the mouth, director don’t shout card, then he sucked back, I would laugh, the result was called the director, said I don’t invest". Gao Yixiang, Jiao Junyan fan interaction, also revealed that he played a deep into the play because of the film, after a period of time after the film, every time on the train or on the stairs will be accustomed to move their legs on the other side of the world, and they will not be able to play the role of the game. The fans will not be able to play the role of Wang Lichuan, Gao Yixiang. "Meet Wang Lichuan" despite the ending, but highly sought after, the film side also announced a sequel "good bye Wang Lichuan". It is reported that the play will start this month, will all return, next year is expected to be Valentine’s day to meet with the audience profile. (end)相关的主题文章: