Mini space with the perfect mix of color kitchen sunny came home

Mini space color collocation skillfully turned the perfect kitchen kitchen?? the first part: create a minimalist white kitchen as the world?? white is considered to be the most bright color, no impurities, it is simple, can give people a fresh and transparent visual experience. The same small kitchen, so the effect is colorless white is the most expanded view, it can be said that white is the Saviour of the large-sized apartment kitchen. ?? [] mark design method without aisle type kitchen?? the aisle design into the kitchen is compelling, this small space is very difficult to do so, the overall design is a color, let it into the aisle. Choose a strong white integrated cabinet, keep the table clean. The kitchen lights also use common corridor lamp, weakening the kitchen, let it become a part of the natural corridor. Kitchen cabinets?? [+] white sequins mosaic?? in the large-sized apartment kitchen, using reflective materials can make a small space more spacious and bright. In white cabinets, sequins collocation mosaic tile, and the cabinet OTC is designed into glass windows, you will find the large-sized apartment kitchen is inferior. Kitchen cabinets?? [white + white marble table + glass baffle]?? as far as the eye can reach, the clear material design. White cabinets are not enough, the table is also made of white marble, visual touch has a sense of cool and comfortable. Between the cupboard under the baffle also changed the traditional mosaic into the glass baffle frosted stripes, and collocation glass bottle filled with large stones, the kitchen seems unaware of the Holy place. The kitchen cabinet design?? [] in the parallel passage?? small kitchen aisle only design a font kitchen, and this passage can be respectively against the wall on both sides of the design of a planar cabinet, enhanced storage. The aisle lighting is not very good, with some white cabinets can appear bright. Refrigerators, microwave ovens and other kitchen appliances also choose white, the whole space more concise. Kitchen?? [white cabinets + gray marble floor + gray marble wall]? Walls and floors are the same material used to carry out the gray marble paving, calm atmosphere, more extended visual effects. White cabinets and specially designed lampblack machine baffle harmonious unity. The kitchen?? the second part: colorful ingenious application to create lively warm small kitchen?? white decoration introduced in the first part is the large-sized apartment kitchen classic, but also not a rejected application of color in the large-sized apartment in the kitchen. Red, yellow, blue and other bright and lively colors is also a good helper for small family kitchen decoration, they can add to the small space to give people a bright effect! The kitchen?? [gouache red cabinets + log color Island]?? let the kitchen cabinets gouache red smoke heavily into a warm and lovely little space, make people happy. Black Mesa let lively space more a few minutes calm. The middle of the wood color table can serve as the kitchen island, this small kitchen seems to have a big kitchen style. The kitchen walls and cabinets?? [] the same color design?? after selecting the light blue kitchen and dining room cabinet, and the walls also painted the same light blue, the whole kitchen is more harmonious, the design of windows and glass doors of the same visual extension.相关的主题文章: