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The Ministry of Public Security: during the National Day holiday, the national road traffic accidents down 30% new network – JINGWAH Times News (reporter Zhang Sijia) reporter learned from the Ministry of public security, during the National Day holiday, good social stability, national security and public order. As of 7 May 19, security across the country large-scale festivals and orderly, the national road traffic accidents, the number of fires and the criminal police intelligence category fell 32.6%, 9.8% and 18.7%, 1448 large-scale activities of civil aviation, railway transportation safe and orderly, safe and orderly, the key scenic spots in good order. This year’s National Day travel personnel, large-scale festivals, motor vehicle traffic has increased significantly, the arduous task of security. During the festival, the public security organs to develop security plans, and effectively increase the police into the surrounding public security prevention and control, large-scale activities and scenic spot of the security and security work, strengthen the patrol prevention and control of the downtown district, park, transportation hubs and other key areas, parts, eliminate all kinds of security and public safety. It is understood, Beijing, Shanxi, Liaoning, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Shandong, Guangdong and other more than 20 provinces and city police every day into the tens of thousands of police, security and community organization wide masses, "red marks" and other groups to strengthen the social patrol control. Shenyang, Wuhan, Guangzhou and other places to further strengthen the subway bus station security guards and security checks. During the festival, the 1448 major events held throughout the safe and orderly manner, the country has a good public order, criminal class police sentiment fell by 18.7%. The national trunk road network has always been in a high position, some large and medium cities around the road and some highway traffic pressure. During the festival, local police mobilized 1 million 470 thousand people, 430 thousand police vehicles, launched traffic safety enforcement service station for more than 3800 months, take online combination, video patrol and sentinel duty combination, artificial patrol and police patrol combination, the overall strengthening of the highway and city roads surrounding the nearby areas, roads, rural highway and other key roads to ease control. As of 7, when the national road traffic situation is stable and orderly, the number of road traffic accidents and deaths fell by 32.6% and a year earlier, respectively, did not occur a death of more than 10 people in major road traffic accidents occurred in more than 31.7%. In addition, the national public security fire department during the festival in accordance with the Ministry of public security, carefully judged the fire safety situation, strengthen supervision and inspection, in crowded places, tourist attractions, shopping, transportation hub, and other units of flammable and explosive places as the key to carry out the fire hazard investigation and remediation. The inspection group sent a total of more than 4 months, more than 146 thousand units, more than 21.7 found fire hazards, supervise the rectification of more than 19.4, more than 1.23 in fire fighting and rescue operations, rescue personnel more than 2200, the country is not bigger than a fire, the fire from the number of deaths fell by 9.8% and 20%, the fire situation is stable. > > related news during the national day of Beijing fire 30 times from the JINGWAH times (reporter Chang Xin) yesterday, the reporter from the north.相关的主题文章: