Motorcycle drunk driving caused 1 dead and 1 injured were claims $200 thousand aquaria

Motorcycle drunk driving caused 1 dead 1 injured injured by claim 200 thousand yuan zebra was injured by a motorcycle in late August 8th in Yangzhou District of Jiangdu City, Ms. Mei electric car ride through a zebra crossing on the right, a motorcycle suddenly fast approaching, the driver Zhang Tingfei without brake, directly to the lady knocked to the ground, Zhang Tingfei himself from the motorcycle flying out of 8 meters far. Witnesses immediately alarm, Ms. Mei and the owner Zhang Tingfei was sent to hospital for treatment. Ms. Mei local soft tissue contusion, no life-threatening, and Zhang Tingfei was seriously injured, was rushed to the intensive care unit. The owner of a drunken driving without a license to bear the main responsibility investigation, Zhang Tingfei was drunk driving a motor vehicle without a license. Blood was detected for ethanol content of 90.7 mg per ml. At the beginning, Zhang people actively advance the more than 3 thousand yuan for medical expenses and hope to get the lady’s understanding, Jiangdu Traffic Police Brigade responsible for the accident that Zhang Tingfei drunken driving a motor vehicle, the accident should bear the main responsibility, Ms. Mei bear secondary responsibility. Mei Mei was 200 thousand yuan after the incident was not expected to claim a week later, Zhang Tingfei due to rescue invalid, died unfortunately, at this time, a major reversal. Zhang Tingfei’s family believes that in this accident, although Zhang Tingfei should bear the main responsibility, but Ms. Mei zebra crossing on the bike, not in accordance with the provisions of the "road traffic safety law", get off the implementation of the electric car, the behavior also has fault, the death of Zhang Tingfei bear some responsibility, therefore, Zhang proposed Ms. Mei, the responsibility should be based on its size, compensation 200 thousand yuan Zhang Tingfei death. Ms. Mei and her son was surprised and angry at the mother and son, they are the victims, no knocked injured did not say, but also compensation for each 200 thousand yuan.相关的主题文章: