Mr. Zhu Jiajin recall – Beijing does not pork face

Mr. Zhu Jiajin: recall – Beijing [does not "interviews" serial Zhao Heng three] one he has been not in favor of the courtyard was for many years, I always called him uncle Ji Huang [family] Mr. Zhu Jiajin is my elder. In recent years there are many articles about me and Mr Zhu, this is definitely not friendship between generations, I bear. From 1985 I come into contact with Mr. Zhu, until his death nearly 20 years of time, no matter, ask for advice, I was holding the younger generation disciple, Mr. Zhu is my elder, is my teacher. Zhu Jiahe and Zhao Jia knew each other well, but my father and Mr. Zhu knew each other, but they didn’t know each other. It was from me that mr.. I first knew that Zhu Jiajin was in 1981. This is the first episode and second episode of the book, which was published in 1961 by Mr. Mei Lanfang in the third episode of "the stage of life for the past forty years.". At that time very few books about drama, and I am an opera fan, so the "forty years" is the stage of life I often read books. It has been reprinted in 1981, after a lapse of 20 years, the publishing reprints added third sets, third sets of "Mei Lanfang oral printed on the title page, Xu Ji, remember too". At that time, I do not know Mr. Zhu, my father to understand the situation of mr.. A better understanding of the situation of the father, I told the Zhu family. Later, when I visited Mr. Xu biography Mr. Xu also heard Mr. Xu said that they had arranged together Mei Lanfang oral stage life forty years, some of the situation. Mei Lanfang said the "stage of life for forty years", the earliest promoters should be Mr. Huang Chang, the time is 1950, when huang shang or "Wen Wei Po" young editors and reporters, the origin of the book, he denied that he is the first to find Mr. Mei, hope to do the written record for Mei Lanfang’s stage of life. 1985, the first time I met mr.. At that time, I was transferred from the hospital to the publishing house, the reason is that the publishers want to organize the "collector" magazine, I drafted the planning. I will make a list of people should visit, including Mr. Zhu Jiajin. Since then, from the first time I went to the factory to visit him, until his death in September 2003, has not been interrupted contact. Mr. Zhu of my family is very understanding, Mr. Zhu was lady Zhao Zhongxun who is still on my family, she is more understanding of Mr. Biju. Because she was so young in North bingmasi I had great uncle Zhao Erxun in the big house to play, she is my uncle Zhao Shihui a few years, a lot of contact. So when I go, she’ll have to mention my uncle. "Later" collectors do not, but with this issue to do "Yandu" magazine, I was responsible for the "Yandu" magazine editorial work, so also to Mr. Zhu about many manuscripts. We started talking about due to the working relationship, often talk about the Beijing news, including Beijing’s housing pattern. He has not written相关的主题文章: