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"Mrs. Yuan Wenkang Yan Ni" long live premiere friend Out of blows friendship grows – Lu Fen, entertainment Sohu leaves comfortable workplace first met with gunpowder Sohu entertainment news by Shen Yan, directed by Liu Haibo, Chen Yan, Xu Yajun, Ziqi Zhao screenwriter, Yan Ni, Yuan Wenkang, actress co starred in the urban romantic comedy "long live the wife" last night (September 8th) officially landed in Anhui, Tianjin satellite tv. Because of the year drama "female biography" and "Princess medicine" two melancholy Princess "exotic" King role popularity peak strength in actor Yuan Wenkang, in the "long live" as Mrs. domineering boss, and Yan Ni is a pair of workplace friends". On the first day, the drama Yuan Wenkang and Yan Ni staged a "Out of blows friendship grows" scene, prompting users have exclaimed, yiyanbuge began, such a plot is my love!" "Mrs. Yuan Wenkang" Premiere "long live domineering boss" and Yan Ni’s "yiyanbuge began" "long live the wife" tells the story of three different ages and representative wife marriage, career and family life, show three groups of couples face love, affection, friendship and other complex emotional entanglements of the state. And they continue to find the process of self, to struggle for happiness. The play, Yuan Wenkang has become the eagle world company’s sales director Lu Fen, also did not appear when the new director is everywhere, the womanising dandy "this kind of evaluation has been spread among colleagues. Although Yan Ni’s Ye Shuxin did not put in the mind, but when she and the "domineering boss" Lu Fen real fights, but feel that the other is not good serve — first by Lu Fen mock appearance dress, then let her put those bags of luggage into the apartment, no more that is, the first day of work on the image of Lu Fen instrument company of all female colleagues by discerning…… The new government took office three fire "can let the employees complain incessantly, also let a character chunqiangshezhan Ye Shuxin and Lu Fen became popular among the friends of the workplace can hardly be avoided," Out of blows friendship grows "kicked off. Yuan Wenkang: not casually into practice the "best male bestie" or "female biography" the princess medicine "is the first" Taishi Wala, "or" melancholy princess in the old king "army must have", not "domineering" such a character set. In the comments for the workplace Lu Fen, Yuan Wenkang in more than a domineering and warm heart, to solve the many problems of life for Yan Ni. Talking about the role of "Lu Fen", Yuan Wenkang said: "between the upper and lower workplace can not casually practice into the ‘best bestie’, it is because of Ye Shuxin and the people around, dare to break the workplace relationships, even the boss pointed out the shortcomings, to attract attention to Lu Fen. Develop a friendship." In the just launched the plot, Yan Ni successfully completed the first female employees "Treason" — when other employees face opposition to the image of the instrument asked the boss, let her sit up and take notice of Lu Fen two days, then gradually from "friends" to friends. In life, Yuan Wenkang and Yan Ni are the "bestie friendship" from development to play outside the movies, not only can be seen on micro-blog!相关的主题文章: