My war film provoked the parties to respond to the dispute (video)

"My war" propaganda film provoked controversy all responded out "my war" propaganda special old master artists gathered in vocal entertainment news (the Tencent Zhao Zhenzong) movie "my war" will be released on the Mid Autumn Festival, just before the release of the film, the first film "fire". The film describes the Korean War, although many of the old artists for the call, but caused a netizen criticism. And today (September 12th), the film director Peng Shun as well as the producers also finally sit still, for the film attracted controversy. In addition, Professor Li Ranran in the film show Nortel also clarified in micro-blog. "My war" Promo attracted netizens controversy in fact, film "my war" is directed by Peng Shun, written by Liu Heng, starring Liu Ye, Wang Luodan, Wang Longhua, Huang Zhizhong, Tony Yang, Ye Qing, tells the story of a group of young people in the war period, in order to defend the country and went home, the legendary story of the battlefield. As for the promotion of the film, is another way – and not invited to cast for the film at the 24 old artists participating but found Tian Hua, Yu Lan, Liu Jiang. "My war" director Peng Shun in the film, the 24 artists formed a senior tour to travel to Seoul, and when the tour guide is ready to introduce Seoul, these artists began to introduce myself, "when we come in without a passport!" "When we came to Seoul!" "We were carrying a red flag into Seoul!" Originally want to publicity with these words of the old man, and then recommended the film "my war", but did not think that attracted the criticism. Many netizens believe that the memories of the war should not have the feelings of the people in which the message that the message conveyed to the presence of the war, "praise" rather than reflection. At present, "part of me" war propaganda film sparked controversy has been eliminated, but netizens did not stop the discussion, the netizen wrote: "the volunteer veterans not filled with a smile to say that, any belligerent, war is full of pain and disaster, not to show off.". And a "not" patriotic "in the name of no bottom line: the trailer for the movie" review article also started quickly forwarded in the circle of friends. Just with the expansion of the controversy, many users of the words gradually become intense, even for the film director Peng Shun, as well as to participate in the shooting of the old artists who had a personal attack. "My war" from director Peng Shun responded: propaganda has nothing to do with me watching the film again called for this Promo controversy, as "my war" director Peng Shun also today on micro-blog for a response. According to Peng Shun, the trailer is not guided by him, and not related to the contents of the film, "I’m just a director, my job is to follow the script ideas shoot a movie, but because of this incident, some netizens malicious curse, including curse my family to death, what I made what heinous crime, should bear the consequences of this?" Pang wrote on micro-blog, "you can call me for the movie shoot bad"相关的主题文章: