Northeast corn began to play down the second round of the overall situation winflash

Northeast corn began to play down the second round of the overall situation of the Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! From the current market situation, North corn fell in the first round to enter a slow stage, fell almost more than 400 yuan a ton, but still weak local farmers to price adjustment, has been reluctant to sell, the price fell by the cost of suppression. The northeast corn market, enjoys a price fell 400-600 yuan per ton has greatly to the market with a heavy blow, a eleven increase in supply, decline in the second round has started. From the relationship between supply and demand and long-term price trend, and now the price of corn has entered the downstream channel. If the domestic market depends on the formation of the market, the next step will increase the volatility." Li Xigui believes that prices will be divided into three: the first round is to enter the downstream channel in North China price, and accelerate the downward trend; the second round will be around in November, Heilongjiang and Liaoning will form the second round of the corn market, the impact on the market price; the maximum pressure in the third round of the impact of concentrated in the Spring Festival next year. – the Ninth China corn industry conference this year is the first year of the policy adjustment of corn Pro market as a market price + producer subsidy mechanism. At present, the new grain market in Northeast China has gradually entered the market stage of harvest, the impact of adequate supply of the market, the current processing enterprises to purchase new food wait and see mood strong, late corn prices or there is still downside. A large state-owned Heilongjiang processing enterprises purchasing department responsible person expects corn enjoys a price compared to last year fell sharply this year, not only that, until after the Spring Festival next year in February and March, the local temperature rise, corn storage difficulty, the price will be under pressure again. The domestic price declines: North China, northeast gradually enjoys a market situation: analysis of acquisition of new grain in Northeast China is still sporadic listed state, a wide range of harvest is expected to be completed in eleven, northeast enterprises have listed the acquisition of new corn, the Jilin corn deep processing enterprises purchase price 1400-1480 yuan tons, Inner Mongolia 1400-1620 million tons, Heilongjiang 1360-1440 Liaoning 1570 yuan per ton, ton, the basic no amount of trace amount to eleven, after the completion of the harvest around. The price of corn in North China continued to decline, a slight slowdown in the decline. At present, the acquisition price of enterprises in Shandong concentrated in 1510-1600 yuan per ton, down 60-110 yuan per week; Hebei enterprises 1530-1620 yuan per ton, down 30-80 yuan per ton; Henan enterprises 1500-1640 yuan, basically stable. North Port drying new corn purchase price of 1680-1700 yuan per ton, less than 15% of water. New grain on the amount of gradually become the main force. By the impact of falling prices, Guangdong port prices become weaker, currently the mainstream 1940-1960 Yuan Ji Liao corn rotation tons, down 80 tons per week. Enterprise pre stocking, turnover increased slightly. Analysis of influencing factors相关的主题文章: