How do HUAWEI associate with PC never fear competition lara fabian

HUAWEI PC Lenovo how to see: never afraid of competition HUAWEI PC into the PC message aftershocks in circle of "big brother" Lenovo can see this? Lenovo chairman and CEO Yang Yuanqing said yesterday that Lenovo is never afraid of competition and expects new players to activate the market. From mobile phones, watches to PC, the two Chinese IT predators front is upgrading. And the arrival of HUAWEI "catfish", but also to the lonely PC market what kind of change? Lenovo’s advice into new industries, to a certain learning opportunities that may not have originally imagined so beautiful in the MWC2016 Mobile World Congress, Yang Yuanqing announced that, for these newly entering the field of PC game player, Lenovo is not afraid of competition, a competitor or a few competitors and there is not much difference for Lenovo, Lenovo in the past are growing up in the competition. In Yang Yuanqing’s view, HUAWEI’s approach is not a good thing. He put forward, PC is an old industry, the past is coming in, more out of less, now come in, less out of more. New players come in and enliven the water, which is good for a long silence, and perhaps more users realize that PC is a must. However, Yang Yuanqing also gave HUAWEI a piece of advice: "new competitors into the new industry, to certain learning opportunities, may not have the original imagination is so good.". When Lenovo enters the mobile phone market, compared with the most primitive competitive ideas, there is a big difference, there is a learning process. Similarly, companies that do well in mobile phones enter the PC market as well." As we all know, the global PC market has been declining for several consecutive quarters, many manufacturers in transition. IDC latest report shows that in the four quarter of 2015, the global PC shipments decreased by 10% year on year, which has dropped to its lowest point since 2008. The latest quarterly report shows that despite the 11 consecutive quarters of PC first, in the PC market share has reached a record high, but Lenovo sales and revenue is declining. The company is also accelerating the transformation of the Internet, increasing investment in the mobile terminal. HUAWEI’s ambitions as long as choose to enter, must do the best, sooner or later HUAWEI to become a PC industry in the first two days ago, HUAWEI also in the high-profile Barcelona show announced to enter the PC industry, HUAWEI released the first MateBook notebook products, the product price of 799 euros, the highest price of 1799 euro configuration. This is a "2 in 1" laptop, and the keyboard is a tablet computer. HUAWEI consumer business CEO Yu Chengdong is released rhetoric that HUAWEI will not easily enter an area, as long as the choice to enter, must do the best, sooner or later HUAWEI to become a PC industry first. To a certain extent, this is interpreted as "Declaration of war" by HUAWEI to lenovo". What’s interesting is that in recent years, Lenovo’s attention has taken on the rockets. For a time on HUAWEI is PC industry "terminator" discussion four onwards. Can HUAWEI replicate its success on mobile phones on PC? Starting from the traditional telecom equipment business field, HUAWEI in the smart phone market like a duck in water, Samsung and apple on the theory

华为做PC联想怎么看:从不惧怕竞争   华为进军PC的消息余震犹在,PC圈“一哥”联想对此怎么看?联想集团董事长兼CEO杨元庆昨日表态说,联想从不惧怕竞争,期待新玩家能激活市场。从手机、手表到PC,这两家中国IT大鳄的战线在升级。而华为“鲶鱼”们的到来,又能给寂寞的PC市场带来怎样的变局?   联想的忠告   进入新的行业,要一定的学习机会,未必会有最初想象的那么美好   在MWC2016世界移动通信大会上,杨元庆对外表示,对于这些新进入PC领域的玩家,联想并不惧怕竞争,多一个竞争对手或少一个竞争对手对联想而言并没有多大的区别,联想以往也都是在竞争中成长起来的。   在杨元庆看来,华为的进场未尝不是好事。他提出,PC已经是老行业,过去是进来的多出去的少,现在是进来的少出去的多。新玩家进来把水搞活,对于沉寂很久的行业是利好,也许能让更多用户意识到PC是必须的。   不过,杨元庆也给了华为一个忠告:“新的竞争者进入新的行业,要一定的学习机会,未必会有最初想象的那么美好。联想进入手机市场的时候,和最原始的各种具有竞争力的想法相比,有很大不同,有学习的过程。同样,手机做得好的企业,进入PC市场也是一样。”   众所周知,目前全球PC市场已连续数个季度滑坡,很多厂商在转型。市场调研机构IDC最新报告显示,2015年四季度,全球PC出货量同比减少一成,已降至2008年以来最低点。最新季报显示,尽管已连续11个季度蝉联PC第一,在PC市场份额取得历史新高,但联想销量和营收却在下滑。该公司也在加速互联网转型,加大在手机端的投入。   华为的野心   只要选择进入,就一定做到最好,华为迟早要成为PC行业第一   两天前,同样在巴塞罗那秀场的华为高调宣布进入PC行业,发布华为首款笔记本产品MateBook,产品售价799欧元起,最高配置款售价1799欧元。这是一台“2合1”笔记本电脑,拆下键盘就是一台平板电脑。华为消费者业务CEO余承东更是放出豪言说,华为不会轻易进入一个领域,只要选择进入,就一定做到最好,华为迟早要成为PC行业第一。   一定程度上,这被解读为华为向联想的“宣战书”。有意思的是,这几年联想的关注度坐上了火箭。一时间关于华为是否是PC行业“终结者”的议论四起。华为在PC上能复制在手机上的成功吗?   从传统的电信设备商领域起家,华为在智能手机市场如鱼得水,在三星和苹果盘踞的中高端市场成功站稳脚跟。目前该公司名列全球第三大手机商,更是中国手机军团的领军者。而联想在全球手机市场的排名紧跟在华为后面。   越来越多的智能手机制造商开始跨界进入PC市场。TCL旗下的阿尔卡特品牌也刚刚推出混合型平板电脑Plus 10,也是加上一个键盘就能成为一台Windows电脑。据说小米也对PC市场虎视眈眈。   英特尔的算盘   “MateBook具有颠覆性的创新”,它已经为2合1笔记本呐喊了三年   英特尔中国区总经理夏乐蓓对华为给出很高的评价。在她看来,华为是从移动的角度进入PC市场,它在移动的世界里已经积攒了很多经验。从英特尔的角度看,MateBook具有颠覆性的创新。“有点像重新定义了大家对PC的印象。”   她认为,2合1笔记本在PC拐点上正迎来一个重要的时刻。从2015年来看,2合1笔记本占全球PC出货量大概是在20%到25%左右。可以明确的是,2合1笔记本在PC的占比增长会越来越多。英特尔已经为2合1笔记本呐喊了三个年头。   没错,手机和PC的界限越来越模糊。市场调研公司GfK分析指出,手机厂商大举进攻2合1领域,新厂商的鲶鱼效应将会进一步激发传统PC厂商的创新精神。“但是2合1产品的市场究竟能有多大,还要打个问号。毕竟,在智能硬件已经进入长尾的时代,产品需要做到细分,但产业链的不成熟,消费者被教育的程度等,还都是掣肘当前2合1的主要因素。”北京晨报记者 焦立坤 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Watch the vanguard of the latest version of the angels and PTR enhancement dachiyouxiang

Watch the latest version of the pioneer of angel and PTR strengthen the article you good, two months ago I wrote an angel Raiders, if there is the impression of friends please don’t ask me that anubis and industrial areas where, please experience a lazy cancer pain patients. Originally, I think the last step should be able to make people’s prejudice against the angels is no longer so serious, but in the Anna system and the gradual improvement of the emergence of 303, I realized that I think it is too beautiful. A lot of people on a strengthened version of the angel said the angel let move faster than ever before strengthening, although the treatment amount of angels per second from 50 to 60, but in fact, your teammates blood did not increase twenty percent. How do you say, this is to strengthen the angel can let Tabitha cut after the fast, but the just and open service that will be charged to the angel velocity ratio is not more than. For example, just open service that would an angel not too brush team can quickly move with blood; instead, to strengthen the twenty percent treatment the amount of angels need to do can treat each drop of blood in order to achieve faster ultimate teammate, but to do this requires treatment to cooperate with teammates the chance and teammates have their own consciousness. It can be said that this enhancement allows you to quickly brush can make you full of residual blood outside move faster, but it depends on how to operate your angel. The status of the angel in this version however twenty percent and did not let the angels return to strengthen assist a sister position, flying tactics did not return to the people’s vision. Instead of the Anna system and turned out 303 tactics. 303 tactics, as the name suggests, 3 Tan 3 auxiliary poor angel was so abandoned by the other three auxiliary. After the second season, Anna’s potential has been excavated. In the 303 tactics and Anna of the amount of treatment per second and the ability to immediately raise blood e skills and IMBA’s Q skills in front of the angels of the strengthening of the twenty percent is a little insignificant on the. The angel in this version is a version of the awkward, flying tactics are not welcome any segment. In the country most game player to put the dog low tendency to segment tactics, the high segment of the love with the Anna system (hormone + death hormone and hormone hammer + source etc.) and the angel at the height of this low segment cannot stay high, segmentation is not popular, fast and full play in Wang eight eggs are blind. In short, where to go will not be comfortable, and other skills can be more than three auxiliary or replace, you say embarrassing or embarrassing? The so-called E skills as everyone knows, the angel is not only a e hero skills in watch pioneer ( and small not) so let’s look at a few auxiliary skills, come to talk about what is the angel needs a e skill or something else. The first is to assist emperor Lucio’s skills: 1. Sonic microphone left key 2. Sonic megaphone – right 3. Halo swap -SHIFT 4. Forte -E 5. The sound barrier -Q 6.相关的主题文章: