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Pinjiu spell pancreatitis Taiwan strong men drank a bottle of whiskey half – Beijing Insurance collapsed in October 14, according to the Taiwan news network reported, Taichung City, a 28 year old man surnamed Lin before the holiday to Kenting for dinner and friends, very happy, drink 1.5 bottles of whiskey, but drink immediately feel the lower abdomen pain, his wife immediately took him to Kenting local hospital for treatment, but do not worry, the night drove Lin back to hospital for treatment, after inspection, the man is acute pancreatitis, the hospital infusion, proper fasting, abdominal pain situation has eased, admit to his wife "abstinence!" Gastroenterology physician Lin Youda Affiliated Hospital of Asia University said, men from the age of 18 began to have self-reported drinking habits, a day to drink two or three cups, especially love to drink whisky and other spirits, and collocation seafood consumption, while even a fake, the drinking a half bottle of whiskey, less than an hour the lower abdomen began to rise pain, also extends to the back pain, completely unable to stoop, squat. Lin Youda said the man to the hospital after the medication, the blood test, serum fat or starch concentration was higher than the normal 3 times the upper limit is determined, acute pancreatitis, also known as the "alcoholic pancreatitis", because alcohol will cause pancreatic injury, the patients themselves if severe extravasation of pancreatic exocrine effusion symptoms. Will cause the "accumulation of ascites in the abdominal cavity, abdominal cavity, concurrent bacterial infection, caused by acute renal failure, respiratory failure and other sequelae. The hospital noted that patients with appropriate fasting, fluid replacement, preventing the pancreas to the secretion of pancreatic juice, causing more damage after autologous, patients with symptoms of many patients, "said at the time his wife beside her husband to drink out of the problem?" The man promised his wife, must be drinking.相关的主题文章: