Play mode to the high-end comicavestudios cicf Expo on debut

Play mode to the high-end ComicaveStudios CICF EXPO premiere on interesting play mode series earlier small series have been introduced to everyone, but there is something really unique in the series of high-end game player? Xiao Bian here is the answer: yes! ComicaveStudios is a Singapore style play development company. Specializing in the conceptualization, design and manufacture of high-end licensing model toys and mass market toys at the same time as the focus of popular culture, but also to help customers with special projects and promote product activities. Comicave Studios currently owns Marvel (Marvel), DC Comics, Disney (Disney), Sanrio (Sanrio) and Nickelodeon (Nickelodeon) authorized. Part of the authorized such as HASBRO (Hasbro) Play Imaginative (PI) is currently owned by Comicave, and the Studios team is responsible for the design, manufacturing, distribution and sales of new products, such as the proportion of 122 Optimus prime. Comicave Studios for different modes to play lovers designated 3 levels: the mass market toy collection: popular series of products, mainly for the young young enthusiasts and the general public consumer OMNI CLASS: the middle of mold play, suitable for mass middle income enthusiast MASTER CLASS: high section of die playing, unique, luxurious, suitable for high quality collector OMNI CLASS and MASTER CLASS Comicave Studios products: OMNI means each, for each collector, all types of consumers. Experience the real value of the model play. Designed to be highly playable, combined with technology in imagination. To meet the film animation fans, and the masses of model toy enthusiasts set. MASTER used "masterpiece", is a series of unique, crafted products. MasterClass, a unique creation in the ultra imagination, combination of technology in science and technology and to create a model of high dream toys. Enough to find a serious collector of high quality. Comicave Studios and strive to the best mode of play to hobby collectors, and give different experience. Comicave Studios we will have a high-end, diversified commodity in the end and the mass market, to meet a wide age group hobby collectors. Comicave Studios wants to share the fun with more fans. Comicave Studios will continue to innovate, so that different levels of people enjoy the unique charm of the collection of toys. Comicave Studios in this year’s CICF EXPO will show you the charm of high-end to play! Booth [E10] Comicave Studios will meet you for the first time! Lock in this year’s EXPO CICF!相关的主题文章: