Pretty baby! 28 day public bidding for license plates such as Joan bz8888, Joan f77777 and so

Pretty baby! Joan BZ8888, Joan F77777 28 license plate number of public bidding in Hainan Province, preferably 92 type car license plate leading group office was informed that the province in 2016 eighth preferred car number plate number will open ifca release, scheduled for September 28th at 8:30 in the morning to embrace the Sea Hotel (No. 88, Haikou city haidiandao sea Century Avenue Bridge on the left) accept site registration, 9:30 bidding. It is reported that the Joan A8C888, Joan A7777Y, Joan AEY999, Joan BZ8888, Joan BRR999, Joan C7777R, Joan EZ9666, Joan DD2222, Joan DN8999, Joan F09999, Joan F77777 and other 150 car license plate number ifca issued, specific and relevant requirements, please visit the Hainan Provincial Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Network (query). The best proof of identity registration to competing territorial jurisdiction principle according to the DMV, only competitive advantages of territorial management vehicle car license plate, car number plate shall be preferred other vehicle management, or preferably invalid, pay transactions shall not refund. But Joan E car number plate without territorial restrictions. On the other plate Joan C, each county area can be competing optimization. Joan D prefix car number plate, qiongnan area cities and counties can be competing preferred.

靓号驾到!琼BZ8888、琼F77777等车牌号28日公开竞价   从海南省优选九二式小汽车号牌号码领导小组办公室获悉,我省2016年第八期小汽车号牌优选号码将公开竞优发放,定于9月28日上午8时30分起在揽海大酒店(海口市海甸岛碧海大道88号,世纪大桥左侧)接受现场报名,9时30分起竞价。   据悉,此次有琼A8C888、琼A7777Y、琼AEY999、琼BZ8888、琼BRR999、琼C7777R、琼EZ9666、琼DD2222、琼DN8999、琼F09999、琼F77777等150个汽车号牌竞优发放,具体号牌号码及相关要求请登陆省海南省公安厅交警总队网()查询。竞优者以报名的身份证明按属地车管所管辖原则,只能竞优属地车管所管理的小汽车号牌,不得优选其他车管所管理的小汽车号牌,否则优选无效,所缴交成交款不予退还。但琼E小汽车号牌不受属地限制。对琼C其他号牌,辖区各市县可互竞优选。对琼D字头小汽车号牌,琼南辖区各市县可互竞优选。相关的主题文章: