Procuratorial organs to punish major telecommunications network fraud in advance to intervene in the-stand by me shinee

The procuratorial organs to punish serious fraud in the telecommunications network of early intervention to guide the new network forensics – in – reporter Zhou Bin trainee newspaper reporter Li Hao Ventura "× × I am your leadership," "Hi, I’m Taobao customer service, your order without success"…… In recent years, all kinds of fraud information, telephone fraud tricks, people hate, people cry. To combat telecommunications fraud arrogance, the Ministry of public security crackdown 7 telecommunications fraud area. "Supervision Legal Daily" reporter from the Supreme People’s Procuratorate and the Ministry of public security telecommunications network new illegal crime crackdown, highlighting the region recently held the meeting learned that 7 key areas are listed and 5 prominent areas of procuratorial organs actively as a heavy, heavy hand, with heavy penalties, quick arrest indicted a number of vibration, significant impact of telecommunications network fraud cases, has achieved initial success. According to statistics, since the special action carried out in September of this year, the National Prosecutors approved the arrest of 13247 people suspected of telecommunications fraud. Early intervention to guide evidence in recent years, the telecommunications network model of criminal cases every year by 20% to 30% growth rate, has become the serious problems affecting the people’s sense of security and social harmony and stability. November 2015, the Ministry of public security will be Hebei, Longyan, Fujian City, Xinluo District, Jiangxi Province, 7 counties and other areas as the focus of the remediation area of. It is understood that the telecommunications network fraud crime are often concealed, wide liquidity, the difficulty of the investigation, the investigation and supervision departments of procuratorial organs actively involved in the investigation of the public security organ, around Mopai, crime suspects locked, acquiring and fixing evidence and other issues, put forward opinions and suggestions. Longyan city Xinluo District People’s Procuratorate deputy attorney said on the amount of long chain, major cases, more involved in public security organs, procuratorial organs provided before arrest, the public security organs through participation in the case discussion, involved in the investigation activities, not only can advance solution case, familiar with the evidence, and can guide the evidence, put forward perfect the evidence of the opinions and suggestions. According to Jiangxi Province, Shangrao City People’s Procuratorate Deputy Attorney General Zhao Zhiming introduced a large number of telecommunications fraud network electronic data stored in the host computer, router, mobile phone and other media, timeliness strong, easy to be updated, modify, remove or loss, prone to electronic data evidence is not consistent with other evidence, can not lead to to effectively combat. Zhao Zhiming said, in view of this, in this year’s "4? 20" case handling process, Shangrao City prosecutors early intervention cases, requirements for various types of electronic data evidence in the case of fixed time extraction of the police, especially the requirements of electronic data evidence and other evidence, witness testimony, confession and other types of evidence is consistent, confirmed by the. Hainan Province, Danzhou City People’s Procuratorate Deputy Attorney General Zhang Yuping said that since the special action, Danzhou city procuratorate has been involved in more than 20 cases in advance, communicating with the public security organs to ensure the quality of investigation thinking, investigation of difficult cases. Zhang Yuping think, reason相关的主题文章: