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PuYi wedding day single first appearance: regular script writing complex (Figure) – Beijing Aixinjueluo? Mr. Yu Lan for peace street in Beijing Chaoyang District a senior retired teacher. He has served as the four consecutive CPPCC members in Chaoyang District, was named moved Chaoyang news figure of the top ten". Mr. Yu Lan is keen on education, culture and public welfare undertakings, and actively participate in the collection of love from children "series of school-based textbook. Yesterday, Chaoyang District Heping Street a senior retired teacher, the last emperor’s nephew Prince Yu Lan? Mr. Guo Moruo Memorial held a personal exhibition. The exhibition in the big wedding day single Puyi (see photo), Prince zhijiageyan is an exclusive collection of Mr. LAN yu. According to its introduction, these cultural relics that had been abducted, "raid" after the "Cultural Revolution" to be returned. Love of Chinese teacher yesterday was closed, Guo Moruo memorial for Aixinjueluo? Mr. Lan Yu’s personal collection exhibition opened, a small courtyard unusually lively. Most of the audience is Yu Lan’s friend and colleague education, we all affectionately called him Mr. kim. Mr. Yu Lan also known as Jin Yulan, born in December 1948, was born in mellow infante, Department of the last emperor’s nephew, his grandfather is the prince regent. Mr. Yu Lan had educated youth, in mid 70s of last century to become a language teacher. Because Mr. Yu Lan from erudite through paternal teaching and influence, parents Ancient Chinese Literature Search enlightenment, then love collection. The exhibition exhibits more than 500 pieces of cultural relics, is a collection of his decades boutique. "I am a Chinese teacher, in school, in order to let the students feel the charm of Chinese culture, I would often take some collections to tell them the story." For the collection, Mr. Yu Lan to a complete entertainment attitude, he also advised other friends of Tibet, don’t put the collection as the main chance. PuYi big wedding complex in the exhibition, the ninety percent off big red wedding ceremony of the red caused a crowd of onlookers PuYi. I saw on the list with the script written Juanxiu wedding every detail of the arrangements and the division of personnel. Mr. Yu Lan, this is he rescued from the etiquette of single home scrap in the newspaper, may not be the precious cultural relics, but has a certain historical value. December 1, 1922, Pu Yi and Wanrong wedding ceremony held. He married, although the Qing Dynasty was overthrown for many years, but he still maintained the title of emperor, so to inside and outside is still called the big wedding. All the wedding ceremony, according to the tradition of Qing Dynasty to do, so there are a lot of trivial link. But Mr Yu Lan said, this list of etiquette we see today is very complicated, but compared with the history of other emperors of the Qing Dynasty is far worse. In the exhibition, the first generation of Prince calligraphy zhijiageyan the same concern. In the first sentence is "property is also large, production is large, then their curse is also large." This view of wealth as a disaster so that modern people can not help but look at the reflection. Yu Lan said that his collection of Puyi big wedding day list and zhijiageyan, is to implement the policy later returns. Beijing morning news reporter Wang and the text相关的主题文章: