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Qigihar women’s prostitution money dispute Shaoqi clients anger alarm Washington (reporter Shi Tianyi Zhang Aimin) 3, Fuyu County of Qigihar after a woman suspected of other prostitution for less money and clients dispute, clients call the police, the two people were in administrative detention. 3 afternoon, Qigihar County Public Security Bureau police station in Tiedong received a report, the informant said he and his friends in a hotel to meet, but the girlfriend and he tangled, do not let him go. Police investigators rushed to the hotel, the inquiry was informed that, in a few days ago through the cell phone unfamiliar street chat to get to know the woman Wang, the two agreed to accompany Wang in a ten day, a day to pay the king of $1500. The afternoon of November 3rd, Wang came to the Fuyu County, two people meet in a hotel, Wang proposed can accompany for a five day, a day to give her 1000 yuan of money, and a day to check out. After a certain agreement, the two had sex. Later, certain think Wang’s appearance is not good, more money is found, from the bag and take out 200 yuan of money to her, to take the opportunity to bugger off. However, Wang did not buy it, not to give her a 500 yuan of money, or you will not have to leave. Two people quarrel, angrily to call the police. According to the police two people summoned to the police station, were collected and fixed the relevant evidence, identified two people’s behavior constituted prostitution illegal behavior. Eventually, Wang and Yu were given 10 days of administrative detention and fined a fine of $1000.相关的主题文章: