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Quanzhou plant fire in less than half an hour to burn down the more than 1000 square meter hut plant was more than 2 points down Fujian network November 5th news yesterday afternoon, Quanzhou Fengze District Xunmei Industrial Zone factory on fire, smoke billowing, less than 30 minutes, the whole building collapsed tin! The fire of the plant as a corrugated iron up foam factory, workshop of the tin roof were destroyed, a large area of collapse. The workshop items burned out a mess. The plant next to a three storey dormitory of the exterior walls were blackened, parked in the dormitory downstairs in a pickup truck, the front position almost burned to the left frame. Employees gathered in the foam factory. Staff Mr. Zhou said that the fire occurred during working hours, when the fire from the factory next to a hut first ignited, a fire started inside the plant is relatively small, the staff to see the fire, quickly retreated to the factory. "Less than 20 minutes, the fire is very large." Mr. Zhou said, 5 fire extinguishers are sprayed over all useless, staff dormitory staff also quickly retreat, alarm. After the alarm, rushed to the Quanzhou fire, mobilized 8 fire engines and 40 people rushed to the scene disposal. 3 pm, the fire was controlled, according to the Quanzhou fire official said micro-blog, the building of a single iron frame foam factory, the main combustion foam insulation materials, no casualties. The scene of a foam factory responsible person, the fire plant area of about more than 1000 square meters. According to their understanding of the cause of the fire is likely to be close to the metal housing decoration foam factory welding construction, sparks caused by. But the claim has not yet been confirmed. The cause of the fire is under investigation. (Hoi reporter Huang Xiaorong Huang Jinwen map)

泉州一厂房起火 不到半小时烧塌1000多平米铁皮屋 厂房被烧塌   闽南网11月5日讯 昨天下午2点多,泉州市丰泽区浔美工业区一工厂着火,浓烟滚滚,不到30分钟,整个铁皮厂房坍塌!   起火的厂房为一铁皮搭盖起来的泡沫厂,厂房的铁皮屋顶遭烧毁,大面积坍塌下来。厂房内的物品烧毁殆尽,一片狼藉。厂房旁边一栋三层楼高的员工宿舍整个外墙被熏黑,停放在宿舍楼下的一辆皮卡车,车头位置被烧至几乎只剩框架。   多名员工聚集在泡沫厂外。员工周先生说,火情发生时正值上班时间,当时火从工厂旁边一铁皮屋首先燃起,一开始火情比较小,正在厂房里的员工看到 火情,赶紧撤退到工厂外。“还不到20分钟,火势就非常大了。”周先生说,5个灭火器都喷完了都没用,员工宿舍里的人员也都赶紧撤退出来,报警。接警后, 泉州消防迅速赶到,调动8辆消防车40人赶赴现场处置。下午3点左右,火情基本被控制,据泉州消防官方微博称,起火建筑为一栋单层铁皮框架泡沫厂,主要燃 烧保温泡沫材料,无人员伤亡。   现场一名泡沫厂相关负责人称,起火厂房面积约1000多平方米。据他们了解,起火原因有可能是泡沫厂紧邻的铁皮屋装修电焊施工时,飞溅的火花引起的。不过该说法尚未得到证实。起火原因正在调查中。(海都记者 黄晓蓉 黄谨 文 图)相关的主题文章: