RedgeDawson Bengali New Year popularly known as Poila Boisakh is one of the most popular festivals for Bengalis celebrated in West Bengal and Bangladesh and even for every Bengalis living in different parts of the world. Apart from the Durga Puja 青岛再添海底隧道 女孩光脚清下水道

Celebrate Ipl 2011 By Sending Gifts To India Posted By: RedgeDawson Sending Gifts Across India On Bengali’s New Year Posted By: RedgeDawson Bengali New Year is also popularly referred to as Poila Boisakh and is celebrated with much fanfare among the Bengali community in India. It is the major day in the life of Bengalis which marks the first day of the Bengali calendar. The day is celebrated with much enthusiasm both in Bangladesh and West Bengal and also in some of the Bengali communities residing in Tripura and Assam. This day is declared as the state holiday and comes every year around April 14th. People wait for this day to arrive all the year when they buy new clothes, gifts, household accessories and others. People buy expensive gifts and hand it over to their relatives and friends during this time. In the capital city of West Bengal, Kolkata this is considered an ideal time for marriage. On this particular day people celebrate by wearing new clothes and send congratulatory messages to each other through post or mobiles. Before the beginning of the Boisakh month comes the Choitro month which marks the end of the Bengali year and during this shops give heavy discounts on the original price and sell them at reduced rates. Gifts Across India – 2011 Icc World Cup Champions Posted By: RedgeDawson So every Indians and people from World over has witnessed the historic win of India grabbing the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 after 28 years in Mumbai on the night of April 2nd 2011. It was truly a moment to cherish as all Indians prayed for the entire team India to lift the trophy this time. After the win every Indians were ecstatic with joy and dancing and having celebrations. The party continued through the night as it was surely a moment to sent congratulatory messages to relatives, friends and your near and dear ones. Even Indians were busy buying gifts and sending them across India to the well wishers and cricket lovers across the entire nation. The Saturday night will be remembered for many years as history has been created by team India scaling past the other strong contender for the World Cup, Sri Lanka. But India just outplayed Sri Lanka on that day to win the trophy. It was Sri lanka team which posted a total of 274 on that day and India needed 275 to win. India chased the big score to win the World Cup easily. Send Gifts To India On Bengali New Year Posted By: RedgeDawson Bengali New Year popularly known as Poila Boisakh is one of the most popular festivals for Bengalis celebrated in West Bengal and Bangladesh and even for every Bengalis living in different parts of the world. Apart from the Durga Puja, this is the only other festival that is celebrated with much fanaticism among the Bengali Community. This is the time when people forget about geographical barriers, regional differences and come together to celebrate this special Bengali New Years Day. People in Bengal wait for this day all the year round. New clothes are bought, gifts are exchanged and people feel proyd to be a Bengali. This is the most fun filled time for the family. Businessman is on the verge of starting some new venture on this auspicious occasion. Even new account book is opened on this first day of the year. As evident now, Poila Boisakh is the festival to mark the beginning of the first day of the year according to Bengali calendar. The last month of the previous year is Choitra and it is believed that all transaction should be completed within this month. Sending Gifts To India On Baisakhi Festival Posted By: RedgeDawson Baisakhi festival is celebrated every year which marks the beginning of a solar year and also beginning of a new harvesting season. It is mainly celebrated by the Sikhs as an annual festival and is an important festival of India. The Baisakhi festival is also referred to as Vaisakhi and is holiday is declared on this day to celebrate the festival. It dates back to when Guru Teg Bahadur was beheaded and then his son Guru Gobind Singh occupied the throne with the motive of winning hearts of the fellowmen. The Sikhs has been celebrating Baisakhi for years, but the Hindus and Buddhists also actively participate in this unique festival. Across India it is celebrated in many states. People exchange gifts on this auspicious occasion. Baisakhi is basically celebrated for the harvest of rabi crops. In the State of Punjab, which is basically agriculture based and is practiced in most part of the states. This led rise to so much popularity of this festival. On this day every Sikhs enjoy it through the Bhangra dance where the music from the dhol enchants everybody. It is truly a colorful festival as men and women dress themselves in beautiful clothes. Sending Gifts To India On Bihu Festival Posted By: RedgeDawson Bihu is basically a dance festival which is celebrated in the North East India with much fanfare. It is the national festival of Assam which is celebrated in the month of January, April and October. This festival is also known as Maagh Bihu, Bohaag Bihu and kaati Bihu. The most popular and vital among the three is the Bohaag Bihu, also referred to as the Rangali Bihu that is celebrated to mark commencement of the agricultural season. This festival is celebrated through 7 days and is accompanied by the traditional Bihu dance which is extensively popular in Assam. During the celebration the guests are served with rice beer. The Bohaag Bihu represents the New Year and beginning of the seeding time, it is celebrated every year on April 15th. As mentioned it is celebrated for seven days and women prepare delicious dishes such as larus and pitha. The larus are sweets made of coconut and rice and tastes nice. Along with that Jolpan is also given to the guests. This is the time when people buy and wear new clothes and exchange gifts among each other. Pet cows are washed on this day and worshipped as part of the ritual. 相关的主题文章: