Reduction of the Arab League for shoes storm Guangdong boss has coordinated multi game (video) lightscape

Reduction of Yi shoes storm: Guangdong boss had a game behind the coordination game [] a lot of shoes storm burst of anger in the A-League off shoes for non sponsors refused to leave directly on November 3rd hearing a joint Huanxie storm, a ripple, this is the field of foreign affairs, has triggered the extensive concern. Refused to apply for a special case, to the middle of the third section for shoes debut, a total of experienced a total of 6 points. For example Zhou Qi and Wang Zhelin in the first round of "rebellion" by the Basketball Association after the suppression, the media began to pay attention to the alignment of a joint body, after all the local players, Yi is Nike’s brother. The results and the Guangdong team after a joint through the club, to the Association for example, hoping to wear Nike shoes. The results of this application by the association refused, Yi must wear Lining’s shoes and basketball game debut, specially stressed that violators will be suspended. The boss due to the application of special coordination failed, a joint first show even at risk to be delayed. However, relying on the coordination of Guangdong boss Chen Haitao, a seemingly compromise in the game before the game, wearing official sponsors of the shoes debut. This was so many fans breathed a sigh of relief, that the matter settled, the two sides did not decorum. Huanxie exit however embarrassing scene has appeared in the game, the first person to get 4 points, Yi early in the second quarter after the opening suddenly slowly bend, untie the shoelace. In the eyes of all people, Yi shoes aside, barefoot himself out of the stadium. Fans shouted together to change the shoes, shoes for the slogan. He rejected the first section of the game, the Guangdong team to lead 31-22, Las Huanxie withdrew after the situation began to help the Shenzhen team. To this end, wearing a Nike tried to debut, the referee immediately responded, refused to join the Arab League debut. Yi so angrily leave, go directly to the locker room. Multi game halftime, two teams tied. Nike is the leader of the company, the technical representative and Guangdong team staff together into the locker room to negotiate, to discuss how to resolve the matter. Since the beginning of the third quarter, the two teams return to the stadium, but still in the locker room. A debut in fact, eventually this event ended with the association of concessions. The third quarter left 5 minutes and 03 seconds, the Arab League re debut, and wearing Nike shoes. Will debut after the Guangdong team to catch up, even once the score, but eventually lost the game 88-89, one point. After the statement said a league after an interview, insisted on wearing Nike shoes because of "old achilles tendon injury, and can protect the interests of the players to the basketball association. (Yang Weili)相关的主题文章: