Ronaldo was elected the UEFA best player Messi won the best score (video)

C Ronaldo was elected the UEFA best player Messi won the best goal of C Ronaldo was rated the most best player award [] best European athletes to C for the European Cup is Luo lattice regret regret missing the champions sports Tencent August 26th Beijing time in August 26th 0, the draw for the 2016-17 season in the Champions League group phase and UEFA awards ceremony in Monaco. Results C Ronaldo beat Baer and Gregory Saltzman elected UEFA best player, scoring against Rome last season, Messi was named the best goal of the year. UEFA best player: C Ronaldo earlier UEFA has announced the three final candidates shortlisted for this player, respectively is C Ronaldo (Huang Ma (data)), Glenn Seidman (Atletico) and Baer (Huang Ma), C Luo win, this is C Ronaldo again after following the 2014 election, tie Messi. C Luo won 40 votes, Glenn Seidman Bell won the 8 and the 7. C Luo election can be said to be true, last season he led Real Madrid won the Champions League, the Portuguese king went into 16 Champions League goals. In this summer’s European Cup, C Ronaldo also led Portugal won the first, he also scored 3 goals and won the silver boot. C of the year award, said: "Baer and gleizes Mydo worthy of this award, because they are incredible players." When users are asked what is the biggest dream of childhood C Ronaldo, Real Madrid star said: "as a player, and success in football, I think I have done." UEFA best goal: FIFA announced in advance of Western Europe may best score the winner, Messi in the Champions League against Rome when the exquisite chip was elected. The goal in the Champions League group phase Barcelona (official data) 6-1 beat the game home court in Rome at that time, eighteenth minutes into the game, Messi and Neymar, Suarez for two with a high speed, a flea into the box keeper exquisite chip broken door. Messi this goal both team cooperation, but also reflects the individual’s perfect technology, 200 thousand users vote in the Messi reached 34%. UEFA Women’s best players: Hoger Berg the UEFA Women’s player to only 21 years old Norway player Hoger Berg, she defeated Malosan and Henry. Last season Hoger Berg at Lyon performance is very good, 35 appearances, scoring 54 goals, is one of the biggest contributors to women’s coronation crown Lyon three. When it comes to the goal of the season, Hoger Berg smiled and said that he hopes to score 60 goals. (Kerlon)相关的主题文章: