Run the brothers fifth season to come to the guest list exposure Baoqiang Wang looked back again to yuanmu

Run the brothers fifth season to come to the guest list exposure? Baoqiang Wang looked again the return of the king – Jiangxi Channel – and three — Wong Cho Lam, baby and Chen did not play, when the three of them were OUT, the program group will only explain the field on a situation. If the program group to do so is deliberately, I can be understood as the three no playback is not the man will run in the fifth quarter to replace it? Brothers run it in the fourth quarter ended successfully, but fans still very reluctant, asked a lot of friends in the run. The fifth quarter of the guests who have brothers? What time to broadcast? "" brothers run it should not be aired in the fifth quarter of this year, because the SARFT has explicitly issued a new notice: every channel in the 19:30 – 22:30 year launched the introduction of overseas copyright model program, shall not exceed two. The introduction of foreign copyright mode shows each integrated satellite TV channel broadcast a new year shall not exceed the first year, not in the 19:30 22:30 between the broadcast of a reality TV show, "the same principle, one year only to broadcast a season". So the fifth brothers may be in next year. As for the guests no accurate information, but Xiaobian think Luhan and Angelababy are uncertain factors, two people may no longer participate in the "fifth season" brothers run it. Then angelababy and Luhan’s exit, who will replace? On the day before, the netizen has burst "brothers" run fifth season of star guests and guests: SH48 members: Ju Jing? From the burst of "brothers" run the fifth quarter lineup of guests, Baoqiang Wang is expected to once again the return of the king. The pre displacement Luhan, while angelababy will by members of the SH48 community in the Millennium rare beauty Ju Jing replaced?. The guest cannot be neglected! It is reported that the "brothers" the fifth season will run into the recording stage and the second half of the year, plans in April 2017 will be aired on Zhejiang satellite TV, Zhejiang satellite TV, "brothers" run fifth season, we Be There Or Be Square! We are logging (commissioning editor: Lorna, tired! Mao Siyuan)相关的主题文章: