Scientific and technological achievements conference an Internet industry, Oscar – Sohu Technology winpm

Scientific and technological achievements conference: an Internet industry, Oscar – Sohu Technology Third World Internet Conference opened in Wuzhen millennium. Closely around the innovation driven benefit of mankind – to join hands to build a community of cyberspace destiny theme, the first time the general assembly for the global scientific and technological achievements released. 16 day of Wuzhen, opened a new window to observe the world’s cutting-edge core technology. The conference released 15 Internet world leading scientific and technological achievements, "the Cambrian 1A depth neural network processor" "divinity? Taihu light" super computer "" Tesla enhanced automatic auxiliary driving "and" IBM Watson 2016 "flying" to open platform based on large scale distributed high availability of e-commerce transaction platform "and so on, these cool black technology is also Chinese domestic, international brands, each burst of science and technology, innovation and breakthrough may fine, very suction eye. Only can not think, can not do! Innovation is the biggest trend in the past, present and future. Oriental Millennium Wuzhen, in the "Internet + innovation" light, gradually become filled with the wisdom of breath, full of youthful and vibrant Internet Center, also carries a shares of the power to change the world. Held in the third session of the world Internet Conference, not only marked a deep Chinese brand, but also a world temperament. Once a year, each session has similarities, but every year new ideas. With the continuous improvement of awareness, the diversity of participants, globalization, globalization, the Internet Conference has been more open, but also more international fan. This year’s conference for the first time to the world’s scientific and technological achievements release activities, like a grand ceremony in the field of high-tech awards, so that the role of the world Internet Conference platform, has been given full play. The achievement of science and technology conference very Internet sector "Oscar" quality. It is worth noting that the 15 science and technology achievements of this conference are from more than 500 Internet Innovation Global Internet enterprises, scientific research institutions and individual universities, submit the application, produced by 33 domestic and overseas well-known Internet expert review. This model, with the film industry’s Oscar prize selection model is very similar. In the election of the election of the best election, the final results, to show the collective and presentation. Its purpose is to encourage innovation and development, to maintain the sustainable development of the situation. The world Internet Conference is a stage exchange and display, including the latest scientific and technological achievements, help to improve the awareness of cutting-edge technology, and accelerate the use and promotion of speed, so as to achieve the sharing and win-win purpose. The process of display is also a process of acceptance and attraction. Through extensive exchanges and cooperation within and outside the industry, not only can make the operation of the meeting system is more mature, but also to better grasp the latest developments at home and abroad, in the depth of communication with the world counterparts at the same time, but also improve the level of development of the Internet China. World Internet Conference, the Internet technology industry Oscar, the need to continue to develop and progress. Of course, this requires China, Wuzhen needs to always strive to innovate, really do相关的主题文章: