Scientists in Peru found the legendary Rehe that will be cooked into bio – Sohu

Scientists in Peru found the legendary "Rehe" that will be cooked into bio – Sohu [global network news roundup] according to Hongkong, "Wen Wei Po" reported on February 19th, a scientist from Peru geology heard local toxic river a hot boiling, any creature fell in die. He has been on until 2011, he half believe and half doubt, finally found the "Rehe", and witnessed some small animal living picture is cooked into the river. But the trees near the river were so serious that he feared the river would disappear, so he published books and made speeches around the world, hoping to save this unique river. In the United States University of Geological Sciences Dr. Rousseau, said a grandfather grew up listening to rumors, when the Spanish conquest of Peru, killing the last Inca emperor, and walked into the Amazon forest ransacked gold. When the Spaniards came out, someone claimed to see a hot, boiling, poisonous River in the forest, and some snakes that ate people. The legend has been hovering in the Russo mind, he grew up I understand geography knowledge, understand that to a very large amount of geothermal energy can make a river of boiling, but Amazon basin does not have any volcano activity, so that the Jehol doesn’t exist. Until 2011, he was finally led by relatives, in the Amazon forest, inhabited by Mayan indigenous Thessaloniki ascha Tuyaqiu area, found the rehe. Rousseau describes the river about 6.4 kilometers, the most up to 25 meters wide, about 6 meters deep, the water is hot enough to make tea, some local water more hot rolling. He tried to touch the river with his hand, and thought that less than half a second was enough to cause three degree burns. Internship editor: Peng Haiyan audit: Tan Liya)

秘鲁科学家找到传说中“热河” 生物坠入即会被煮熟-搜狐新闻  【环球网综合报道】据香港《文汇报》2月19日报道,秘鲁一名地质科学家自小听闻当地有一条热烫沸腾的有毒河流,任何生物跌进河里必死无疑。他一直对此半信半疑,直至2011年,他终于找到该条“热河”,且亲眼目睹一些小动物掉进河里活生生被煮熟的画面。但是河流附近一带砍伐树木情况严重,他担心该河会因此消失,于是他在近日出书及四处演说,希望挽救家乡这条独特的河流。   在美国大学修读地质科学博士的鲁索,从小听祖父说一个传闻,当年西班牙人征服秘鲁时,杀死了最后的印加皇帝,并走进亚马逊森林深处搜掠黄金。这些西班牙人出来后,有人声称在森林内见到一条热到沸腾的有毒河流,又见到一些吃人的蛇。   这个传说一直在鲁索脑海里盘旋,到他长大后学懂地理知识,明白要有极大量地热能量方可令一条河流沸腾,但亚马逊盆地并无任何火山活动,因此认为热河根本不存在。直至2011年,他在亲戚带领下,终于在亚马逊森林深处、阿沙尼卡原住民聚居的马雅图雅丘地区,发现该条热河。   鲁索形容该条河长约6.4公里,最宽达25米,深约6米,河水热得可以泡茶,有些地方的河水更热得翻滚。他试过把手轻触河水,认为不足半秒就足以造成三级烫伤。 (实习编辑:彭海艳 审核:谭利娅)相关的主题文章: