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SDIC red exchange held second mahogany Boutique Auction – Beijing, Beijing, September 12, 10 days, the country voted red exchange second mahogany Boutique Auction will be held in Beijing outside the city, attracted hundreds of new and old customers to participate in. This auction are Collectible artwork, all 28 items were sold. SDIC red exchange experience "rosewood rosewood + Internet + culture, new mode of operation of mahogany + auction", for all types of customer segmentation needs, organize a series of auction, the auction price is even lower than the market price of 50%, so many friends to fulfill their dream of Taobao. Two in the afternoon, the auction started, for the scene were unpopular, some customers in order to obtain the right baby, directly to the ceiling price. After the event, a lot of friends around the scene of the staff asked about the next event. A lot of customers to this goal is clear, some friends also suggested that hold more similar activities through electronic business platform, to reach more friends; it is reported that the first boutique mahogany auction held on June 18th, some customers suggest shortening cycle. In the background of the overall economic downturn, mahogany furniture market is still. SDIC red to catch up from behind, adversity surprise, mahogany industry become a dark horse, full, multi angle watch traditional mahogany single pattern of weakness. SDIC red exchange services to rosewood collectors, industries and enterprises, departments and other relevant organizations, institutions and individuals, to provide detection and evaluation, auction, replacement, repurchase pledge financing, leasing, maintenance, electricity, mahogany recommended Jiaosuo art one-stop full service for the majority of enterprises with a mahogany. SDIC red exchange around eight key business sectors, the plough, the formation of a new service model has its own characteristics. According to reports, established the first domestic by Chinese rosewood Award Committee evaluation center, a top experts in the industry, and the leading technology tools, to ensure the authority and accuracy of the results. In the auction, has many years of experience, the integrity of the regular customer participation; replacement repurchase collection range, simple process; pledge financing, with abundant funds, loan amount is high, fast, low cost and good evaluation precision, simple procedures, the preferred financing leasing sector; complete category of low cost, good service;; spend money, do big things; maintenance service covers five genera and eight class 33, with professional team, exquisite technology and rich experience, also can come; service content rich and colorful, including mahogany crafts mahogany furniture repair, repair the injury crack repairing, renovation, repair and repair of ancient furniture, old paint and other related services and to do consulting.相关的主题文章: