Senior students do not rush to find a job that is mainly to accompany the recruitment of students norton disk doctor

Senior students do not rush to find a job, said the recruitment will be mainly to accompany the students newspaper (reporter Lin Qi) recently, slow employment popular, college students choose slow employment for different reasons. Yesterday, the recruitment of talent market recruitment meeting, business management professional senior girl Xiao Xiao said, I come to the recruitment is mainly to accompany the students, they are ‘soy sauce’." Upon graduation, the other students busy around in Shuangxuan small Xiao has been in neither fast nor slow recruitment, occasionally calm to cast a resume, received the interview notice to see a pick. In the recruitment site yesterday, Xiao Xiao accompanied the students in the field to go a few laps, a resume are not cast out, she said his career planning for the future is not very clear. Small Xiao told reporters, "before the university graduates may need to work for my family as soon as possible, but they are mostly only child of this generation, economy is not so much pressure, coupled with the students’ ideology more open and active, assertive, but my parents did not push me." Chen Zhe, 23, graduated this year, in March last year, when other students are still around his resume, he has found a sales job. But a month ago, he resigned. Have a good educational background, and now have a working experience, Chen Zhe optimistic about the prospects: to find a more humane work should not be difficult." Chen Zhe took his resume ran a few times, the number of resumes sent out no more than five copies, I’m not worried, slowly, this time to look for a job than before peace. Anyway, there are some money before, not only to support their parents."相关的主题文章: