Shanghai rural food prices rose significantly higher than food does not appear to rise sharply running man 20130908

Shanghai rural food prices rose significantly higher than food does not appear to rise sharply by the typhoon "catfish" effect, the upcoming "eleven" National Day golden week, Shanghai will usher in rainy weather. Reporters yesterday from Hushang a wholesale market to understand, by the early impact of rain, Shanghai rural food prices remain high, food prices were slightly increased, but the retail market prices remain basically stable, does not appear to rise sharply. In addition to large vegetables, meat, egg prices basically stable. Rural food food rose higher than agricultural vegetables Group Manager Gu Zhiping told reporters that the Shanghai local rural food prices began to rise after the Mid Autumn Festival, part of the rural food rose to 50%. In contrast, the supply of food and vegetables is relatively adequate, a slight rise. Gu Zhiping told reporters that the current wholesale market in the common local rural food varieties, new spinach, celery prices are relatively high. Such as celery wholesale price from 4.5 yuan a pound rose to 6 yuan a pound, while the wholesale price of spinach reached 7 to 8 yuan per catty. The local rural food mainstream varieties of vegetables, vegetable prices from 0.7 yuan per kilogram to 0.8 yuan, rose to 1.5 yuan a catty, jimaocai wholesale price reached 2 yuan a pound. In the food supply, pepper, eggplant, lettuce and other seasonal vegetables prices go up significantly, beans, kidney beans, peas and other vegetables are high quality. Transport from Jiangsu come round white radish wholesale price remained at 0.7 yuan to 0.8 yuan a pound, and basically the same as early as the mid autumn season, and taro after the wholesale price is 3 yuan a pound, fell to 2.5 yuan per kilogram. "Soy products of high prices, the wholesale price of peas has ranged from 6 to 7 yuan per kilogram, up to 9 yuan a pound." Gu Zhiping told reporters that the Shandong lettuce rose from 1.2 yuan to 1.5 yuan a Jin, originally about 5 hair a pound of pepper wholesale price has now exceeded 1 yuan level. Compared with the market supply security and wholesale market clear price fluctuation in Shanghai, the retail market is relatively stable in many vegetables. "In order to keep the high price of seasonal vegetables, vegetable market" price "adopts the artificial way, so that the public can buy a cheap cheap food stalls." Zhenning Road market responsible person told reporters that the early Guangxi farming, from September 12th to October 11th, including Zhenning, Jingan District Road market multiple markets with 2 fixed parity stalls, this week, vegetables, vegetables, beef heart round white radish and Chinese cabbage four green leafy vegetables are homely as parity menu. "The vegetables retail price to 2.3 yuan a catty, niuxin dishes as low as 1.8 yuan a catty, round white radish, Chinese cabbage 1.6 yuan a catty 1.2 yuan a catty, can cover the" eleven "golden week, and after the National Day holiday will also retain 1 parity stalls." Reporters noted that the retail price of the vegetable market is also considered smooth. Show in Zhenning travel-ready dishes market statistics, the retail price of vegetables is currently stable at 4.5 yuan a catty 2.5 yuan a catty, Chinese cabbage, cabbage, celery 4 yuan a catty 5 yuan a catty, Chinese cabbage 5 yuan a catty, in addition, white radish 3 yuan a catty, round white radish 3.5 yuan a catty, potatoes 3.5 yuan a catty 6 yuan a catty, eggplant, green peppers, beans 4 yuan a catty 7 yuan a catty, cauliflower 5.5 degrees相关的主题文章: