Shanghai’s first Samsung Note7 explosion case will be on trial (video)

Shanghai’s first "Samsung Note7 explosion case" will be on trial with the announced Note7 mobile phone production and official recall the state line version of Note7 and a series of initiatives, Samsung this type of mobile phone battery defect events seem to have come to an end. However, the dispute caused by the incident is far from being settled. The day before, Mr. Yao Shanghai consumers due to the use of the Note7 mobile phone explosion, filed a complaint to the Jinshan District court, asked Samsung and sellers to retreat one lose three, this is also the cause of Shanghai’s first Note7 mobile phone explosion and court cases. At present, the Jinshan District court has accepted the case, and will be on trial. Mr. Yao is a "post-80s generation"". After the listing of Note7 mobile phone, although there are many media broke out due to defects in lithium batteries, Note7 mobile phone has occurred many fires and explosions, but he continued to pay attention to this favorite mobile phone for a long time. An announcement and Samsung Chinese released, but let him eat a reassurance. "The announcement says that the batteries used by the Note7 are different from those on the international market, and they are produced by another battery manufacturer. They don’t explode, so they don’t need to be recalled". In September 7th, Mr. Yao bought a Note7 mobile phone from the Y trading company under the order of an electronic business platform. After the phone was sent, Mr. Yao put it down. But suddenly the accident came. According to Mr. Yao recalled, September 18th 21 PM, he sat on the bed to play games with mobile phone, mobile phone suddenly shakes, then the screen issued a "squeak" sound, and emitting white smoke. Under the mobile phone so he will be frightened and change color thrown on the bed. The next scene makes Mr. Yao even more panic: the phone fires, spontaneous combustion, but also emits stench. And afterwards, mat, sheets, mattress etc. has also been found to burn out the mobile phone shaped hole. There are two defendants in the case, the Y trading company and the mobile phone manufacturer Huizhou Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. Yao believes that Samsung’s announcement made him believe that the security of the national version of Note7 is reliable, while Y trading company is still selling shelves knowing that the mobile phone has security risks. Therefore, two defendants have fraud. Samsung Note7 products have been put off in Beijing (this video is only extended), move fingers, at any time to inquire traffic violations! Sweep down the two-dimensional code, concern Tencent big Shen network! Welcome to pay attention to the big Tencent Shen Wangwei letter (micro signal: dashenw)

上海首起“三星Note7爆炸索赔案”将择日审理 随着宣布Note7手机停产以及正式召回国行版Note7等一系列举措,三星这一型号手机电池缺陷事件似乎告一段落。然而,事件引发的纠纷远远没有平息。日前,上海消费者姚先生因使用的Note7手机爆炸,向金山区法院递交诉状,要求三星及销售商退一赔三,这也是上海首起因Note7手机爆炸而诉至法院的案件。目前,金山区法院已受理该案,并将择日审理。姚先生是位“80后”。Note7手机上市后,虽然不断有媒体爆出因锂电池存在缺陷,Note7手机已发生多起起火爆炸事件,但他仍持续关注着这款心仪已久的手机。而三星中国发布的一则公告,更是让他吃了一颗定心丸。“公告里说,国行版的Note7使用的电池和国际市场上的不同,是由另一家电池厂商生产的,不会爆炸,所以不需要召回”。9月7日,姚先生在某电商平台下单,从Y贸易公司处购买了一部Note7手机。手机送到后,姚先生爱不释手。但意外突然降临。据姚先生回忆,9月18日21时许,他拿着手机坐在家中床上玩游戏,手机突然发生震动,随后屏幕发出“吱吱”的声音,并冒出白色烟雾。大惊失色的他情急之下将手机扔在床上。接下来的一幕让姚先生更加恐慌:手机起火自燃,还发出阵阵恶臭。而事后,凉席、床单、席梦思床垫等还被发现烧出手机形状的洞。此案被告共有两名,分别为发货的Y贸易公司和手机制造商惠州三星电子有限公司。姚先生认为,三星中国的公告使他相信国行版Note7的安全性是有可靠保障的;而Y贸易公司明知该手机存在安全隐患依然上架销售。因此,两名被告均存在欺诈行为。 三星Note7产品在北京已下架 (该视频仅供延展)动动手指,随时查询交通违法! 扫一扫下方二维码,关注腾讯大申网! 欢迎关注腾讯大申网微信(微信号:dashenw)相关的主题文章: