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Siping city planning institutions open recruitment of staff in 2016 894 Siping City public institutions to recruit staff notice according to the "Regulations" and "on the institution of personnel management during the classification reform of public institutions strictly enforce the provisions of the empty series management and open recruitment of staff opinion" (Ji office word 2012 No. 3), "on the to establish a comprehensive and further improve the province’s institutions to open new staff recruitment system" (Ji Zheng Ban Fa 2010 No. 16) the spirit of the document in 2016, Siping City business unit plans to open recruitment of staff, the relevant matters are announced as follows: first, the recruitment of Siping city institutions plan to open recruitment of staff 894 name. Of which: 218 Gongzhuling City, Shuangliao City, 233, Lishu County 102, Yitong County 324, Siping 13, Liaohe Reclamation Area 4. The recruitment of staff positions and qualifications in the "2016 Siping City public institutions to recruit staff positions and qualifications list" (Annex 1). Two, registration conditions (I) basic conditions 1. People’s Republic of China nationality. 2. Abide by the Constitution and the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China. 3. Observe discipline and conduct. 4. Physical conditions to meet the requirements of the job. 5. Age is generally 18 years of age or above, under the age of 35 (November 15, 1980 –1998 years in the birth of the year November 15th), the recruitment of the special requirements of the age, according to the job requirements to determine. Age calculation time points are based on November 15, 2016 (with my ID card date of birth). The age of a PhD student can be relaxed to 40 years of age. In accordance with the qualifications of the conditions of the 2016 college graduates apply for not subject to age restrictions. (two) the conditions of the job are in accordance with the qualifications, professional, work experience, professional qualifications and other conditions that are required by the post. See Appendix 1. (three) one of the following circumstances shall not apply for: 1. Persons who had been subjected to criminal punishment for crimes and those who had been expelled from public office. 2. State organs and institutions of public servants who have been dismissed for less than five years. 3. Non graduate students in 2016 (including non graduate students in 2016 to graduate and doctoral students, after graduation in January 1, 2017 to obtain a diploma, degree certificate candidates are not considered as graduates in 2016). 4. Servicemen。 5. According to the policy requirements in the service period, the probation period may not apply for the examination (such as special post teachers, "three support"). 6. Other persons who are not allowed to engage in accordance with the law. (four) the relationship between husband and wife, avoid candidates and the recruitment unit responsible for direct blood relatives, collateral relatives within three generations or close affinity, the unit may not apply for the organization and personnel, discipline inspection and supervision, auditing, finance or person in charge of the unit is directly subordinate relationship of leadership positions. Three, day相关的主题文章: