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PPC-Advertising In the world of PPC (pay per click) advertising campaigns, it is increasingly more difficult to stand out in a crowd. As more and more people move to this effective online advertising forum, many marketplaces are increasingly .petitive and cutthroat. But don’t worry – implementing the following three bid management techniques will help put you back on top. First of all, don’t get caught up in the moment and spend more than your budget allocates. This is probably the quickest and easiest way to erase any potential profit you might have brought in. PPC is a game of patience, and you must exercise it if you want to stick around long enough to reap the rewards. Remember that new players will always enter the game, and may get a bit carried away with their bids out of ignorance or lack of discipline. Don’t join in unless it is a very calculated decision. There are always fluctuations in the pay per click game, so you need to pick you spots. The next bid management technique you should take into consideration is never bidding for the top spot. All too often, people want to feel the thrill of seeing their ad up there on the top spot of SERPs. But this is not financially realistic for most campaigns, and is a quick way to chisel away a good chunk of your margins. You need to let your ad sell your product or service, not the placement of your ad. Plus, consider that many people click on the top spot much more readily than the eighth spot. This means that you will be getting clicks from people who have no intent to purchase your product or service. Now you are playing a high price for low-quality leads, a double whammy. If you pay money for a click, you want that prospective customer to genuinely be interested in what you have to offer. There is another technique called bid jamming that you may consider utilizing. This calls for you to "jam" the bid of your .petitor by bidding one cent less than their bid. Because a PPC service operates in the same way as an online auction site, you only pay one cent more than your closest .petitor – not your actual bid. So if your .petitor bids .49 per click and you bid .32 per click, your .petitor pays .33 per click to hold the top spot. By bidding .48 per click, you can force them to pay full price for their bids. These are some basic bid management techniques that can help you maximize ROI with your PPC advertising campaign. Remember that patience can go a long way to maximizing the efficiency of your PPC campaign. Don’t be afraid to wait for your moment, and then seize it when it .es. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: