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"Super wengxu" hot shot Xuan Yi Tong Jinghua bold love Ling Xiaosu Tencent entertainment news recently, by Ling Xiaosu, Ni Dahong, Tong Yixuan, Wang Zhi and other strength idol co starred in the family ethics comedy "super 2017" is Beijing hot shot wengxu. It is worth mentioning that the popular small artistes Tong Yi Xuan joined the drama played by Fan Jingjing jinghua. As the Beijing police, a fan Jingjing Beijing girl born with forthright personality, she dare to love and hate, never affectation, played by Ling Xiaosu when he Xin appeared in front of her love, then fell, love tears a smile in the tour started immediately. It is reported that the "super 2017" starring Ling Xiaosu wengxu tells the police he Xin in a mistrial caught in the crowd and understanding, quasi Yue Zhu Zhu Zhu’s daughter fell in love with the old story of the jurassic. In the meantime, Fan Jingjing (Tong Yi Xuan Jinghua ornaments) into He Xin (Ling Xiaosu ornaments) life, and the fierce pursuit, a wonderful complex love triangle unfolds. The whole process is not only the pursuit of love touching story, also has a hilarious joke, the story is very down to earth. Recently, Tong Yi Xuan is a continuous, she and Jang Dong Gun, Tang Yixin co starred in the popular drama "I loved you" think of sad just fixing, in the play, Tong Yi Xuan and Jang Dong Gun lot of scenes, the process of cooperation sparks constantly, the two relationship is tempt the appetite of the audience. In the "super" wengxu, Tong Yi Xuan to wear "uniform", a distinctive personality, dare to love beautiful police after Fan Jingjing will appear in front of the audience, please look forward to. "Happy returns" Tong Yi Xuan exposure wonderful tidbits "tear force" "diving" "Crazy" Scene exposure相关的主题文章: