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Supreme Procuratorate announced in September 47 major cases involving 12 people — 37 ministerial level law — original title: Supreme Procuratorate announced in September 47 major cases involving 12 people 37 people – ministerial level in September 26th, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate official website announced that the Supreme People’s Procuratorate of Tibet autonomous region people standing committee and former deputy director of music his China Petrochemical Corp, former director general manager Wang Tianpu, former deputy party secretary, general manager of China Southern Air Holding Co Si Xianmin, Hongkong China Travel Service (Group) Co., former deputy party secretary, vice chairman and general manager Wang Shuai Ting 4 people prosecuted. So far, in September there are 10 ministerial level officials have been prosecuted, creating the most. The "Legal Daily" reporters comb found, September 1st to 29, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate official website released a total of 47 major cases, including the original provincial officials 12 people, 37 people, 5 people at departmental level. Provincial and ministerial level officials have been indicted, 5 people stand trial. Zheng Yuzhuo electoral sabotage case filed in September 14th, the people’s Government of Fujian province deputy governor Xu Gang, former party secretary Xu Jianyi, chairman of the China First Automobile Group Corporation, Chinese Petroleum Corporation, the former party member, director and general manager Liao Yongyuan was indicted on the same day; September 18th, former vice chairman of CPPCC Shanxi make policy, former Shanxi Provincial Committee, former Secretary of the Taiyuan Municipal Committee Chen Chuanping. Deputy director of the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the original members of the party, Sun Hongzhi was indicted on the same day. In September 3, the Supreme Procuratorate announced 10 provincial officials accused the news, become the provincial and ministerial level officials prosecuted the deadliest month. In addition to being the "tiger", the Supreme Procuratorate in September and filed two new provincial officials, respectively is the Liaoning Provincial People’s Congress deputy director Zheng Yuzhuo, former party secretary Wang Baoan, director of the National Bureau of statistics. It is understood that Zheng Yuzhuo is one of the most important personnel involved in the bribery case in Liaoning. September 8th, the Supreme Procuratorate announced the Zheng Yuzhuo on suspicion of bribery, the destruction of electoral investigation and enforcement measures to take the news, which is from the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of its filing only less than two weeks. August 26th, the Commission for Discipline Inspection of Zheng Yuzhuo serious disciplinary problems. The Commission informed that Zheng Yuzhuo violation of political discipline, organization and discipline, ask for property, engage in canvassing bribery, incite others to do the work of canvassing. According to reports, the alleged destruction of election canvassing bribery crime problem. The construction of Peking University Research Center Director Zhuang Deshui said, Liaoning bribery case is dealt with since the establishment of the new Chinese occurred in major cases, serious damage to the provincial level party electoral system and the electoral system of people’s Congress, social concern, the case of Zheng Yuzhuo made rapid investigation not only reflects the central attacking the crime determination and attitude to the public an explanation as soon as possible, but also reflects the discipline inspection departments and procuratorial organs in the case of the mature convergence mechanism. Two party secretary was investigated on the same day reporter combing found that 54 corrupt officials involved in the investigation of 20 people, 12 people decided to arrest, prosecution and prosecution of 22 people, accounting for nearly half of the ministerial level officials prosecuted information. In terms of alleged charges, 52 people suspected of bribery, involving相关的主题文章: